The new em9 series 2019 includes mechanical weapons, audio help, and wheelchairs

In a move to attack more inclusion, the new set of emosi classrooms is 2019 and; dealing with people with physical disabilities, arms cover and reflective feet, language of signage and hearing aid, and even the difference between manual and motorcycle wheelchairs. The Unicode Partnership was obviously a & # 39; Paying attention to Apple's recommendation last year to provide better representation for people with disabilities, and the new Unicode Emoji 12.0 invitations announced today showcase a & # 39; desire is the highest. There is also greater inclusion in skin habitats and types of relationships, as many of the new changes that extend emoji "people keep hands" expand the variety of types and races.

Image: Emojipedia

In addition to people, the new emoji also expands the range of other represented animals, otters, orangutans, flamingos and all sloths. On & # 39; food, there is butter, garlic, oysters, falafel, waffles and ice cubes now. The additional changes include refrigerators, others, and falling blood. In total, there are 59 new emoji and 171 new differences on existing ones.

It is a white appearance in one of emoji and b. favorite with Emojipedia, and that remains is now corrected. Indeed, after 2019, the main colors will be represented by circle, square, and emoji's heart shape. If you've been waiting for your help with the heart of brown, this is a # 39; the year your attendance ends.

Typically, the new invitations will emoji a few months to appear in consumer products. The current statement is just to go to; get the documents in order, and then it will be responsible for software providers such as Apple, Google, Samsung, and Microsoft to design their own and make all emoji and those that interfaces devices to grant them.

Shortly, we almost have enough emoji for cyborg

Shortly, we almost have enough emoji for cyborg.
Emoji graphics example: Apple

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