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The new privacy application requests that it can resolve social media privacy issues ‘

The new privacy support app ensures that users can help “repairing your privacy” by pressing privacy on social media and removing old posts.

Jumbo, released on Apple iOS, and coming soon on Android, is asking users to connect their Twitter and Facebook accounts to help them manage the data. put the two platforms.

For Twitter, users choose to delete tweets from their preferences – for example being removed after a month – with posts removed up to an archive found in the Jumbo app. only accessible to the user.


He also says that it will help the "confusion" of Facebook preferences by asking users who choose to choose one of the three options for Facebook, the application itself is free. providing over 30 Facebook settings as a result.

“Unfortunately, every day it feels that there is a new story about affecting our personal data,” said chief executive Pierre Valade when he launched the act.

“But the good news is that people are becoming more concerned about protecting their privacy. In fact, I believe that the secrecy is a human right. But we can only protect our privacy when devices are designed with potential users, and to make this complex subject as simple as pressing a button. That is why we built Jumbo. ”

The company also claims that it does not store or process any data with the internet or third parties with the other internet services, with all the work done on the telephone. T smart.

“We made an important decision as we built Jumbo for iPhone: all of this is from your iPhone, without any servers from Jumbo, or from any third parties, which will have access to your email personal data, or passwords, ”wrote Mr Valade in a blog post on the company website.

“This is the data: we're not ourselves, that's it. Our internal inside architecture therefore makes it possible for anyone working at Jumbo, or any third parties, to view your personal data.

“Even if the government of Jumbo requests that, by the correct court order, they are given personal data. It will not be possible for us to do so. Your personal data will be stored on your iPhone, encrypted. ”

The app also supports the ability to delete Google's search history, as well as the voice recordings that saved the Amazon Alexa app. Support for Instagram profiles and an app that installed Tinder – based on deleting old games and chat messages – they both come soon, said Jumbo.

Social media platforms have been reviewed in recent years following a series of security breaches and data confidentiality issues, with governments around the world now debating how more companies are going to be placed in the future. management of the internet. t

On Monday, the UK Government published a white paper on online injuries, which proposes the establishment of a new independent regulator for the region, which will be responsible for the implementation of statutory duty. care which is based on social media and other platforms to protect users and users. data.

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