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The Zero Non-Savings Director will show Upcoming Pop Idol from the Upcoming Games

You may know Kotaro Uchikoshi from his work that is Zero Escape's game management (999, Final Prize for Members, and Zero Time Dilemma), and you may know the series Murder's mystery Spike Chunsoft at Danganronpa. But they seem to move something that is not expected in connection with the next game. They promote the pop icon and their own effects. What time to live.

Iris Sagan, also mentioned on its A-set or Tesa stage names, has said it is an important feature in the future AI Uchikoshi and Spike Chunsoft game: The Files Somnium. It is worth noting that her design comes from the artist Yusuke Kozaki, who is well-known for her character designs in the Originating Firearms (including Fates and Heroes) and the No More Heroes series.

Apparently, he published a large driver, internet pop reult, and a 18-year-old secondary student at the same time. And she seems to be active Twitter account together with a video in which Uchikoshi-san itself includes set A, and then a type of music video that's a? including dance and singing to an original song (you can see below for yourself).

I would like to consider myself a bit of something; authorize digital pop images because I still believe that Rise Kujikawa (Person 4) and Hatsune Miku have become gold standards – so my fandom is a The position is that the bar is located very tall. But I did not write Iris (or set A) still good, especially if this is linked to a larger statement for AI: the Somnium Sounds.

AI: The Somnium Files were first published in an Anime Expo 2018 panel, and Iris was first introduced as a key character. The game itself has little commented, but it is similar to the previous games of the developers; play as a Kaname Date and explore a series of murders that include puzzles solving and a gathering of evidence that results in sound hopes. It is launched for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC once this year.

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