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Towards the end of the 20th century, Hollywood is enjoying a new era

Studio Fox's original backyard, built in 1926, was a popular Culver City in Los Angeles. Before it was sold in the 1960s, it was four times the current and substantial 53 acres.

Shirley's bungalow is still sitting on the lottery, as a piano beat by John Williams, amongst other things, to the "Star Wars". Attendees in the society may be able to tell you where Marilyn Monroe was once sitting.

With $ 71.3 billion Walt Disney Coves on Wednesday on Wednesday, none of the six big studios will visit the storm – the CinemaScope venue, "The Sound of Music" and "Titanic". He will be the new headquarters for the new Rupert Murdoch corp, (Fox News and Fox Broadcasting) and Fox's work, now Disney's name, will remain as custodians under a seven-year contract. year.

Hollywood history is eroded by changes in studio ownership; William Fox, founder of the Film Fox Fellowship in the middle of the Depression, lost control of the studio which is still in his name. But a Hollywood decline, one that gives a long shadow over the film industry is struggling to attract new digital competitors from Silicon Valley and is challenging the possibilities of continued broadcasting; in the 20th century of Fox. After more than eight decades of senior management, the six giants are down one.

"It's a sad day for film students and I think it is a sad day for audiences as well," said Tom Rothman, chairman of Fox and Fox. president of Sony Pictures. "It will only be a diversity of the market place."

The Disney industry has an impact on the building but it is largely based on the Disney context – which is already a Hollywood market leader – for the future. Disney, girding for a battle with Netflix, Apple and Amazon, needs more content for the upcoming uploading platform, Disney +, and is looking to control its content across platforms.

"The speed of the destruction has now happened," said Disney's leader Robert Iger when the contract was first announced. "This will allow us to significantly accelerate our strategy from users to users."

The magic kingdom of 20 th Century will add flags like Marvel, Pixar and Lucasfilm. But Fox is supposed to have had a film result, which has been setting out 12-17 films in the past year. Due to a doubling of Disney workers, layers will occur in miles.

Disney will take over FX, NatGeo and have a command in Hulu, which has over 20 million people. He will control some of the biggest faults in films, including "Avatar,"; Alien "and The Planet of the Apes." Fox's television studios also cleanse Disney as "Modern Family," This Is Us and The Simpsons Homer, meet Mickey.

Some parts of Fox, such as FX and Fox Searchlight, directed by John Landgraf, are mainly injured by Stephen Gilula and Nancy Utley, are expected to be substantially retained. Searchlight, the popular Oscar singer with films like 12 Years a Slave, could be thesis "The Shape of Water" and "The Favorite," an item it had never done before. best in Academy Awards.

No example of the culture between the companies was more prevalent in "Deadpool," the outlawed R-R hero. Although Spider-Man is still living with Sony, Disney now takes Deadpool, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four with Marvel gaps. All of them have to be involved in the Disney's PG-13 mission yet, although last year Iger suggested in a stakeholder conference that there may be a space for the Marvel R- logo. as long as listeners know what is coming.

The question of how or if Disney succeeds in getting the Fox editorial issues because Fox has long raised himself on big pledges and technological conventions. It's the first studio to be built for sound. It was almost destroyed by huge budget Elizabeth Taylor "Cleopatra." He supported the "Titanic," apparently Cameron, as well as "The Life of Pi" by Ang Lee and The game "Bohemian Rhapsody" won an Oscar.

“We were a studio of risk and innovation,” said Rothman, who also founded Fox Searchlight. "It was a very lively and creative space. That's what films should be."

But is the stomach at Disney the butt subtracting to make films like this? For example, the creator "Deadpool", Robert Liefeld, has said that Fox's plans for an X-Force film are set, "the victim of the union."

Some governors were surprised that they were getting approval very quickly. The Justice Department allowed the construction to take place in about six months, around four times less than the time it introduced in AT & T with Time Warner. A New York Times editorial page suggested that President Trump's link with Murdoch would be beneficial.

"Disney may be northwards on 40% of the market share in the US That's one area where approval is recommended for the market effect," said Tuna Amobi, an analysis in the US. media and entertainment with CFRA investment company. "By maintaining the most unique studio management. And it could increase from that point the pipeline we see.

Disney is determined to make more impact on the Americans and the rest of the world than any company. Last year, they had 26 per cent of their U.S market with only 10 films that exported more than $ 3 billion at home and $ 7.3 billion worldwide. Fox usually counts for about 12 per cent of the market share.

Less studio production may mean fewer films. This is causing concern for users and theater owners, many of whom are currently reliant on Disney stoppers tickets and a star.

"Indeed the challenge is one of delivering the challenges in some of the films," said John Fithian, president and chief executive of the National Theater Owners Association. "The fewer providers you have, it is more likely that we will get fewer films from these suppliers."

But Fithian believes other companies are going into the breaking, and hopes that Netflix will finally enter a stronger theater solution. Most importantly, Fox was bought by a company in Disney which, as Fithian said, "is the biggest fan of the theater window".

But Disney has been very keen to throw around. Before releasing "The Last Jedi," the studio was standing on worse words from some theater owners, including a higher percentage of ticket sales.

Further checks have been issued. Later this year, WarnerMedia, which is regularly Warner Bros, in the marketplace in Disney, will launch its own flow platform. Apple is preparing to make a film. Amazon Studios promises larger, more-focused projects.

Before confusing, Fox – and a huge part of his film history – is going into the ever-growing Disney world. The film historian Michael Troyan, author "20th Century Fox: A Century of Entertainment," has explored enough of Hollywood's history to ensure that unique change is an active part of the industry.

"It's difficult when the historic empire comes to an end," said Michael Troyan. “You can register in other places but when you have a lot like Fox, you feel the grace is, you feel the history.”

Rothman says he will stop for a "excited" moment on Wednesday, but he thinks it is not convalescence about an animation.

"I don't think it is pretty much a feeling that the glory of film industries in general has ended," said Rothman. "I believe there is still a positive intention for lively, lively, creative storytelling."

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