Trump talks about & # 39; finishing a meeting with Kim

Donald Trump's president and Northern CEO Kim Jong failed to agree to the Soviet president's expiration at their roof in Vietnam on Thursday, the White House said.

Speaking at a news conference after the end of the # 39; top, Trump said "it was a real time for us". He said they all agreed "it was not a good thing to sign anything".

Trump said Kim was "very good and very characteristic" and that the relationship is "very strong". But he says "sometimes you have to walk".

The president said, "It was about the sanctions. Unfortunately, they wanted all sanctions and we were not willing to do so."

Mike Pompeo, US state secretary, said: "We have made very good progress … over the last 24-36 hours", but "we did not get every way".

The roof was cut shortly after the two headteachers scheduled the second day of the day; Speaking lectures in Vietnam gave Thursday almost two hours, White House said.

Earlier, Mr Trump and Mr Kim had put forward a hope to improve positive relationships and their main defense issues, in their talks in the Vietnam city of Hanoi.

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