Two residents in Cork were honored by their first World Food Restaurant Awards in Paris

Two restaurants in Cork and a restaurant in London have impacted on the world's foodstuffs at the first World Foods Awards.

Milton Town House, Cork.

The ceremony, named as Oscars of the food with the Andrea Petrini co-founder, in Paris on Monday evening.

Rot Noble of London won for drinking wine, and the Irish chef Darina Allen, 70, said she was a "dollar" because she was a celebrating an award for Ballymaloe House in Cork.

The county liked two successes as a vegetarian restaurant. The long-term Paradiso partnership with Gortnanain farm was recognized for nearly two decades of close collaboration.

Mrs. Allen delivered the Troll of the Year Award for Myrtle Allen, a mother-in-law, who died last year, saying: "I hope she looks down tonight. "

She praised Kenneth Ryall, her husband's chef, to go to; Bringing a "bit of magic" is often sweet at the restaurant, which includes food; including the Carrageen Moss pudding, made of seaweed from an Irish coast.

Laughing, she said:

JR creates the magic of the trolley and I am the trolley trip per year!

Ultan Walsh, who runs the Gortnanan farm with his wife Lucy Stewart, has been on the move. Vegetable provision to Paradiso for nearly two decades.

Restaurateur Denis Cotter said he was "honored" to win a Cooperation of the Year for his & her. a relationship between the 40-seat restaurant and Mr Walsh's nine-acre farm that will become wild and sandstone along with her; potatoes and their more traditional chaluiflowers.

He said: "It's also a fascinating feature and we know the things we are doing is very unusual and what we've been doing behind the image for so long. cool."

Dan Keeling from the Wine-Serving Red winner of Noble Rot, aimed at making Bloomsbury's place a "real place of alcohol, a true place with wine", and serving old Types of alcohol ready for drink, good prices.

His colleague Mark Andrew said:

The idea is to introduce the wonderful service restaurant, which is provided at our top of our business, but also a good food, very interesting wine, interesting wine, and showcase to people in a way that's a great deal. add to their knowledge and where they can always be involved.

The main chefs who included Alain Passard, Alex Atala and Clare Smyth were among those who came down on the French capital for a bruntious service at Palais Brongniart.

Lorena Vasquez, supervisor Ron Zacapa Rum, who was a participant at World Food Awards, said: "We are so pleased to be the Irish and UK winners tonight. How good They want to recognize this world, as the best in the world.

"This is a proof of their passion and taste detection – the passion we have at Zacapa's department. Whether it's a food or a rumor, we all focus A taste to speak for himself.

"Have fun and we're looking forward to being tasting tonight tonight."

South Africa's Wolfgat restaurant, specializing in local seafood, has announced the Food Restaurant of the Year.


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