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Wales 1 – 0 T & T

Slovakia, who holds Wales in the European Certificate on Sunday, lives on Sky Sports

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Key international events between Wales and Trinidad & Tobago

Key international events between Wales and Trinidad & Tobago

A 90-minute visit at Ben Woodburn saw the Welsh edge over Trinidad and Tobago 1-0 in a friendly international situation ahead of their first European Certificate on Sunday.

The Wrexham gamekeeping was looking to get on without visiting Liverpool before Wood Vaulks went through to Woodburn again to take a driving force.

What happened

Trinidad and Tobago were very dry for much of the game, with their best chance of being shot when they were shot from Aubrey David by line with Chris Gunter.

Wales will receive its Euro 2020 campaign ahead of the Sabbath on Sunday – t They live on Sky Sports – how they will try to get to the second European championships in a row.

Wales: Ward (6), Gunter (7), Taylor (7), Dummett (7), Williams (7), Vaulks (8), Roberts (7), Woodburn (7), Thomas (8), Hedges (8) ), Evans (7).

Subtitles: Davies (6), Iain (6), Lawrence (6), Matondo (4).

Trinidad & Tobago: Phillip (7), David (7), Bateau (6), Cyrus (7), Hyland (6), Plaza (6), Garcia (6), Lewis (6), Hodge (6), George (6), Paul (6).

Subtitles: Cato (5), Peltier (7), Hackshaw (5).

Gameman: Will Vaulks.

There were a few open minutes in the 15 minutes. Tyler Roberts seduced Ryan Hedges into arms to visit Trinidad and Tobago Marvin Phillip before Khaleem Hyland was shot from the area just at Danny Ward. Hedges were no longer active after receiving the Gunter cross, but Phillip gathered very well.

Wales twice happened at the first half-hour. Vaulks shot a bit of an attempt, but removed a slap of Dean Cyrus before returning for a corner. Trinidad and Tobago initially ran the base machine but the puzzle and movement between George Thomas and Lee Evans first viewed the scene, but crossed the crossbar.

Gareth Bale in 18 Welsh's match had fallen short of his appetite, with Aaron Ramsey also getting rid of an ear beat. Will Vaulks made the first time, and Ryan Hedges, Lee Evans and George Thomas made the first attempt.

Wales had continued after the disruption and made Phillip go to great rescue in the 57th minute. After an excellent musical work, Woodburn slipped the ball into the hands of Thomas's men who broke the ball in goal but the gamekeeper of Trinidad and Tobago was waiting to be lifted.

In three minutes after that, Wales had to clear the ball off the line. Levi Garcia got into the area – sweeping the visitor who was coming out of Adam Davies – but he couldn't kill him, and sent the ball to David. He then took the look, but Gunter was waiting on the line to clear it.

Wales was standing for the rest of the game, and continued to see opportunities being seen. In fact, the ball was back in the 67 minutes when Thomas took the ball home from Hedges cross but was badly damaged to the outside.

George Thomas influences him when he saw his aim not to be removed from the site

George Thomas influences him when he saw his aim not to be removed from the site

But they found it was his advance in the first minute of four people. Woodburn himself made the move, lit the game into the central spot for Hedges, who saw its view closed. Vaulks was waiting to lift the loose ball before he stood up at back post for Woodburn when he drove him escaping with his chest to seal the job for Wales.

Aubrey David (left) and Ryan Hedges (right) are fighting for the ball

Aubrey David (left) and Ryan Hedges (right) are fighting for the ball

Stats Opta

  • Since losing 0-1 to Costa Rica in February 2012, Wales has now been cleared from their first match of a year in the last seven years, gaining five and pulling the other two.
  • This was Wales' first game on the 3-0 race race over Norway back in February 2008 under John Toshack. In fact, they include their victory tonight, the Dragons are no longer defeated in the last five matches in Wrexham (W4 D1).
  • This is Ryan Giggs' second victory over the home since he took over as Wales's leader, just like such fourth, stopping defense from behind. T support.
  • One player played to start the game for both sides, but Levi Garcia of Trinidad and Tobago continued a 100% depth of depth, fulfilling all 16 of his permits before being replaced with the 60th minute. .
  • Winner Ben Woodburn's second ever goal for Wales, with two destinations for his country coming in a 1-0 win at home (also 1-0 v Austria t in September 2017).
Khaleem Hyland challenges Hedges

Khaleem Hyland challenges Hedges

Man of the game – Will Vaulks

This was the first prize as a player from Rotherham registrar. It looked lively going, making magnificent crosses and movements like Welsh as it overtook Trinidad and Tobago.

He was finally rewarded with help to visit Ben Woodburn, and George Thomas and Ryan Hedges were also deserving of a commendation on Ryan Giggs's young side.

Wales of Slovakia

March 24, 2019, 1:30 pm


What's next?

Wales is back Sky Sports on Sunday when they host Slovakia at their first European Certificate (starting at 2pm).

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