What is a glioblastoma, and how effective is the new vaccine glioblastoma?

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A new experimental glioblastoma vaccine has been developed, and the level 1 clinical test shows that the treatment was most effective for patients.

The glioblastoma vaccine was developed by Jefferson and Imvax and the clinical level 1b test shows that patients were healed well and recommenced the blood, and able to surviving patients.

What is a glioblastoma?

The most common form of acute brain cancer is a prognosis of 11-15 months with general therapy.

Test results

The results showed that a living on the glioblastoma vaccine survived without the progress and success of the governing body. These are two common measures of cancer treatment success. There were no bad incidents associated with the vaccine that had been audited.

Defender D. Craig Hooper, PhD, professor of cancer biology in Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center and co-founder and senior scientific officer of Imvax, explained: “The effects of the IGF-1R antisense and the t wondering, our evidence shows that the false cells in the interior of the room release the antibodies, which escapes the room into the patient's body and carries the room. the immune system against cells of the brain.

David Andrews, MD, Neurosurgery Professor at Vickie & Jack Farber Institute for Neuroscience and co-founder, a senior medical officer, and acting chief executive of Imvax, said: “The response we see is in some parts of # t Patients are very positive. We look forward to starting the stage II test later this year to determine the standard 1b results. ”

Future treatment of glioblastoma

Robert Rosenwasser, MD, MBA, President and Chief Executive of Nuclear Institute Vickie & Jack Farber concluded: “This is the reason why academic centers such as Jefferson are developing innovation. improve lives. The depth of the cellular and molecular knowledge in benign science generates medicines design that is most likely to succeed. When basic scientific science and clinical research come together with an enthusiastic need to improve the lives of our patients and our families, we will make remarkable progress in areas of medical deprivation. ”

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