Iris Luiza sells the equivalent of 15 days on Black Friday


Distributors from Monday followers, with Cyber ​​Monday



November 26, 2018, 11:07

The sales network Luiza Iris to confirm that sold 15 times more time Sunday than on a normal day. An increase Continue on Monday, 26, with the Cyber ​​Monday – to focus on electronics.

"We have made a great deal for the event and we have performed well in all areas," said Fabrício Garcia, vice president of Iris Luiza. "We are happy for December, which is also strong in sales."

According to company, b & # 39; Luiza Magazine's bid was the most downloaded retail demand for sale through the date. 80% of online network traffic came from smartphones.

Despite the success, users' complaints are not on the # 39; company, usually on days of big ideas. According to Procon de São Paulo, Iris Luiza was the fourth network that received the biggest objections. And, according to the consumer protection website, Reclaim Seo, the fifth company that received the biggest objections.

Iris Luiza says that it has received around 17,000 consumer interaction between requests, queries and complaints on Thursday, the afternoon of Black Friday, and this Friday. "The company has made an executive group with 780 employees to meet all of these requests. There was a waiting time for the user in the various 1 minute service lines. Out of the people to notify the Journal, 91% of objections were resolved and 86% of customers were satisfied with the solution offered. Their company, after Black Friday, ranks the excellence seal in The service is going to criticize here, the UK 1000, "he said in a note.

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