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Narrator Weng Yuwen, Huang Zhizhong, Zhang Huangwei / Broad report

Shame-up & right-fighting warranty in & # 39; stone and market, Chen Chi-mai the face of her & # 39; clock in Fengshan sweeping the streets, blast with minutes and half to solve the Oyster omelet for dinner, motor riders to & # 39; Seeing the team, stopped the car, holding the child that came by Chen Chi-mai A & E hunting hands and her. came to Teampall Fengshan to give up a rest, Chen Qimai received a letter from the daughter of the country. The supporters were so enthusiastic that Chen Qimai could not help but say that more people were able to; They were the worst of the street sweeping, but they were not allowed to let. After the two men argued, Yu Korea had to go to Pingtung to help the Blue Camp candidate, but at the end he only appeared in the movie, and his blinking, He seemed tired.

▲ Chen Qimai and Feng Shan, candidates for the meeting, will vote.

The team can run the streets through 38 administrative areas in Kaohsiung. Applicants Chen Qimai and Feng Shan are back together and they have to leave.

Chen Qimai, Democratic President Kaohsiung Mayor, said: "Sleep is a very difficult thing for us. I'll solve my dinner in a half minute, and I'll eat a clam."

▲ Chen Qimai is fighting each other, hoping to go to her; hold the hands of each support person.

Chen Qimai continued to compare the number 2 activity and his / her; fight for voter support. How was the speed of its vehicle? dragging down, the locomotive knight gave the opportunity to grab his hands. Some people just wanted to park; car on the side of the road and made their children run, just to help Chen Qimai.

The crew traveled through the way, and the firecrackers and firemen put warm welcome on the ponds. Q Qai team stopped in front of the temple and all the supporters came.

Supporters Chen Qimai: "Chen Qimai, Gaul Garlic, Chen Qimai, Garlic frozen".

▲ Xiaomai powder sent a letter to Chen Qimai.

Supporters have been taken to take pictures and touch them, Chen Qimai can not be taken away but the elders see wheelchairs and say they are a little bit of the country's powder reading , depending on any potatoes to cross the population to send a letter.

Deputy Master Chen Qimai vs. Supporters: "Here's your picture, thank you, thank you, come on."

▲ Letter letter says "Chen Qimai refueling."

Write her children down the letter and blessed her & # 39; a high vote, and reminded Chen Qimai to remember them. Chen Qimai's biggest support is voter support.

Chen Qimai, Democratic President Kaohsiung Mayor, said: "The more you run, the more confident you are. The final step is to make up the sprint. We need to keep every hand. "

After the two men debates, Chen Qimai followed the iron man to sweep the streets, compared to the challenges of a blue camp.

▲ Korea's opponents think it's a bit tired, and & nbsp; hinder candidate KMT Pingtung Sir.

Kumamoto Kaohsiung Advocate South Korea South Korea: "I'm sorry to say I'm sorry, I'm present, very hard for the enthusiasm of Pingtung people."

Originally he was recorded to attend the candidate at Uachdar County Pingtung at KMT for the show, Yu Korea removed the way. He only appeared in the canvassing of the film and his. pressed. He was very tired. The choice of Kaohsiung seaman was tight, and also wanted blue and green candidates. Physical strength test.

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