Is a cough for a smoker something normal?


According to the World Health Organization, this is the fourth most common cause of death.

"A general disease is a" Obstructive Pulmonary Bronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Disease "which can be prevented and treated"

On the forthcoming COPD World Day, they will be returned from the University's Maribor Clinical Center.

According to the World Health Organization, the COPD is already the fourth most common cause of death, but prepositions suggest that the disease is unfortunately a n; Continue to increase the situation. UKC Maribor

The disease, according to the statements, is a result of fog, usually in our environment due to smoking, also due to exposure and pollution.

"It's found in adults after 40. A patient with COPD should be between 40,000 and 80,000 in Slovenia,"

they will add it.

In more than half of the patients, the disease is still not visible, although the disease can be detected with an accessible measure of the work of a cimmonary.

Many people find that there are normal smoking abductions

"The COPD Day password of this year's World is not too long, it is not too late, since it has been diagnosed with early disease and rapidly declining a vital need for successful treatment "

They recite from the Healthcare and Women's Office Room Slovenia – Association of professional society of nurses, midwives and medical technicians in Slovenian.




Images that hunt healthy lungs and smoker smokers



Other difference between smokers and non-smokers

"The disease can be shown after age 40, although many people close their eyes and argue that there is a cough and cough for normal smoking. But this is not true,"

he says

Maruša Ahačič

, President of the Department of Nurses and Health Technicians in Pulmonology at the Veterans Chamber and Societies.

"The most important patient in COPD patients can stop smoking as quickly as possible, as this is making a great deal of progress and generating the start the bad signs, "

to add to it.

Smokers need a lot of support from rural workers and healthcare in a & # 39; eliminate smoking, because it is very reliant. Medical and educational workshops are available

Yes, I went to & # 39; smoking

, made in health centers, and help with smoking stop is also available on freephone number 080 27 77.

The lungs are warned late in late

"These lungs are very patient in this role. They begin to remind us only when almost half of them have been extremely difficult,"

they say in the UKC Maribor.

According to the statements, the lungs have two major symptoms:

"One of them is a special feature that they are not updating, if they are damaged, they live, or if the damage is taken, we will not destroy the purpose. the major air reserves so that we can be ready for the time we need to know more, in sport, physical activity. If we are not physically active, we are not aware of how The lungs that lose this reserve are gradually without notice. "

They warn us that we will not see changes only when the situation is; try to swift faster, climb the stairs instead of the elevation, we will; touring with our friends.

So, it's a disease in COPD that's a? start calmly and slowly and continuously. Her early names are often implemented to become older or worse. The illness can be a major disability, and early detection and remedies are essential in maintaining quality of life. UKC Maribor

He starts with a heavy breath

The problem is growing slowly and so does not; attracting the patient's attention, although the work of the limestone is severely weakened at the time "to bring out the most common of COPD,

they are set out in the UKC Maribor.


It is awful


Smokers, due to cigarettes, are changing your cells

According to the information, patients usually have a severe impact on & # 39; get worse and start to & # 39; avoiding physical activity, living in the home, the benefits with more active friends. When the disease passes in a very poor level, the most common activities, such as sitting and feeding, are an incredible effort:

"At this point, patients often have to be treated with home ocsides, which means their movement is limited. There are more than 500 patients in Slovenia and between 50,000 and 100,000 of all patients with COPD! "

Patients with COPD can do most of them, if they do it; Follow the doctor's instructions for taking medicines, leaving her & # 39; smoking and being as active as possible. Friends and family can provide immune support to patients when they encourage them to physical activity, help with homework, and prepare for healthy, healthy eating.

On World Day on November 21, you should experience COPD and measure the amount of lungs. On Wednesday, November 21, they will wait for you at UKC Maribor, from 9am to 1pm and at UKC Ljubljana from 9am to 1pm.

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