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A moon, the star is clear in the sky of the night. As a nearest neighbor to Earth, his moon often becomes visiting literary works, so that his legends are circulated in the legends.

Long ago, people have been uncertain about the moon and stopped stopping the moon. Whatever it comes to the moon of Apollo or not; flowing into the moon, there is no doubt that we have understood the moon. But to this day, our understanding of the moon is still very limited. For example, what is inside a moonlight? What's in the basic shape of the moon?

For this question, it is suggested that she has been involved. That is a weak moon.

Apollo trying to agree for the weak?

The weakness is what the idea is said to be a weak plan; in the moon. This idea was first suggested by Soviet astrophysicists Mikhail Vasily and Alexander Shelbakov. They wrote in Pravda: "Emigrants may have a moon. For 1.5 billion years, a moon has been a community intrusion station. Its full moon, and civilization is very advanced in the world. "

Initially, this argument did not have much evidence to support, and there was no worrying cause. However, the tests of rock-shaped rock and shingle of the moon are brought back by Apollo's mission to the moon for a change in everything. Since then, the afternoon said weak evidence base is strong, but also attracted a group of fans.

Amongst the weakest evidence, the most famous "Experimental Moonshock Apollo". In 1969, after the lunar module of "Apollo 12" returned to the orbit of lunchtime / order / service / service orbit, the earthquake was brought back to the surface of the moon, lunar earthquake created on the surface of the moon. It is the sign. Amazingly, the turmoil lasts 55 minutes. Just like to hit the & # 39; A big bell with a hammer, the whirlwind is lasting for a long time and then a & # 39; disappeared slowly. This is very different from the landmark ideas that are known at the time of Earth.

Under normal circumstances, when a hard-haired steel knockers hit, it will make a calm and continuous decline, and when a hard iron ball is hit, it will only be heard shortly. This surprise of a constant fuel is given to people to think that their & full moon.

Another evidence that has been repeatedly recited by fans of the empty theory is that the density of the white basalt which has been brought back by the Apollo mission to its brightness is slightly larger than the Earth's rocks. The density of a number of basalt samples is brought back by the Apollo 3.3 to 3.5 grams of cubic per centimeters, although the basalt density of the ground is less than 3.0 grams per cubic centimeter. However, the total density of the moon is much smaller than Earth, only 60% of Earth. So, people think they have a & # 39; full moon.

The evidence called this can only indicate a monthly property

Although Ghrian Hollow says that there are many fans in the & # 39; public and the support of some scientists, their mainstream scientific community does not agree with its & # 39; this opinion. In most scientists, it is said that the pool does not have a scientific base.

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