Is anyone who is sensitive to Sharia to grow mufti? The mufti of the kingdom is answer


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From the Sada electronic newspaper website, on Saturday, 17 November 2018.

Mufti de Rìoghachd Saudi Arabia, Chairman of the Senior Council of the Council and the Scientific Research Department and Fatwas, Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Abdullah Al-Sheikh, not everyone who graduated from the Shariah about Mufti until he learned from science and that he gets enough split off.

This was stated in a mufti response to the situation of the fatwa, and anyone who grew up; Learn about the Shariah about the Noor program on the route to St Quran's Radio.
Mufti said: Graduated by Sharia is good and good, but not Mufti only if you're not getting out of science and her. reading the Koran and Sunnah books and pupils' books, Ijtihad is not easy.

He said: Ijtihad produces a good product yield and knowledge, knowledge, and not everyone who wants Shi, must have made an effort.

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