Is bottle water drinking water? The survey found that it was dominant in three National brands


An analysis presented at the Chilean Geological Congress, at the University of Concepción, said Some blades of water in suitable bottles were not "extremely" because they had high levels of arsenal.

That work, Although all the waters exhibited this element, proportions were higher than one third of the samples that were examined in drinking water quality. They also found that much of nitrate, boron and other elements are spread.

Accessibility they contacted the researchers to know the special features that were inspected, and they replied that the three signs in which a high level of toxic were found Puyehue, Tottus and Jahuel.

Indeed, they ensured that those levels were consistent with what was set up according to the standard that will be; bottled water management.

The research is titled "The water we drink: the physical results of some of the waters in the water of the Sailors", and # 39; Respondents to scientists from the Geology Department and researchers from the Center of Excellence Geo-etiquette Los Andes, University of Chile.

Arsenic, Nitrate and Boron

Although their products show that the quality of the waters inspected generally is good and its; comply with the League legislation, "3 of the 10 samples inspected exceed the permitted allowances of arsenic, according to Silein water water status (NCH409 / 1) and the value proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United States Environmental Protection Group, that is, 10 parts per bill ", recites a summary of the document

In addition, in 4 samples, NO3 (nitrate) content was found higher than the natural groundwater, which means that the water seems very unusual.

In some studies, Corn values ​​are very high and proportions of uranium, which have the process of interaction with volcanic rocks, are found.

On the other hand, he had decided that Although the number of dispersed islands in the water in bottled bottles, they do not comply with all parameters established in the status na Chile. In a sample, the pH is slightly acidic than the regulated value.

Drinking water?

In the 10 water containers in plastic bottles, 32 chemical elements were inspected, including older people and systems.

"The results of this survey allow us to identify inconsistencies between the regulation that controls water with bottle and which is drinking water supply management. In fact, some of the analyzed waters do not comply with the latter and would not be suitable as drinking water, "said the researchers.

At this time companies do not have to use the bottle copying of bottle copying, when advertising is marked as healthy and healthy.

In 2015, over 460 million liters were sold in Chile. The results are also shown There is no clear relationship with prices.

Shortly, the authors intend to expand this survey into the water motifs available for sale in the Chilean market.

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