Is drinking water easy to help yourself?


My phone is declining – but I do not have to look at it. I know exactly what the show says.

To an unparalleled extent, I'm getting a sip of water. I am one of those people, if it was for modern technology to remind them of being hydrate, they might be able to, look like a pin in a short time. It rarely keeps my whole glass away once.

However, there is one exception of this rule: at about twice a morning, after a little too much test, I do not need an alarm to remember me to drink water.

As for magic, I can draw back glasses of water at an incredible level, as if Nestlé believed to be to the local reservoir at any time.

I'm currently in the middle of the last attempt to dispose of it – since last night, again, I did not follow the suggestion to drink a glass of water with all the help of wine.

Alcohol does not make a & # 39; body was ruined

Biological scientist Patrick Patmitt says, drinking water would not have been helping at least. I did not regret but reduce the threat symptoms by drinking completely after the incident.

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"It's an uncertainty that drinking water helps you to avoid a croft," said Schmitt.

According to the results of the research published in the 1950s, it is true that the group is getting more water out and drinking alcohol.

If you're logically thinking about it, there is already water in wine and milk – they are drinks, after that.
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"But, the wrong results have been drawn from those results," said the scientist. "It was thought that, as the agency was to disrupt more, it would be damaged – and this was taken simply as a definitive explanation of why we are crocodiles. "

However, the idea has never been confirmed, not to be confirmed.

When we meet alcohol, our bodies have a & # 39; the common ethanal processing. Some of the engines may not be able to erase alcohol from their bodies, which scientists think as part of the reason we get hanged.

According to a report in Berliner Morgenpost, Schmitt decided to investigate himself and monitor the hydration of his subjects.

The study found that alcohol consumption does not mean that it has been damaged, despite a larger increase in climb. "This means that the body does not lose a large amount of water," Schmitt said.

"That suggestion to drink a lot of water when you drink is based on this misunderstanding," he explained. "Since the body does not get rid of it, there is no water at the bottom of the water at least when you're up to a break."

Drinking water will not have a bad impact at the best

If you're logically thinking about it, there is water in wine and milk – they are drinks, after that.

Although there are alcohol present in these two drinks, you also have to add water to it; your body when you drink them. "You've never been dehydrated. It's not similar to the legend about a coffee."

The content of your stomach is high for a short time only if you drink it in a hard format.
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Only if you drink the hard drive in a hard format – in other words, if you're throwing shots back – your content of your stomach is very high for a short time.

"If you drink a sip of water then, the mucosa may not be affected by the stomach, for a short time," said Schmitt. "Although this has not yet been investigated, we know that it has no impact on hanging itself in any situation."

Drinking alcohol instead of alcohol – not in addition to that

If you start drinking the next day's water, it's too late then at least.

You can get as much water as you want – it will not have a lot of impact on it. skull that is hitting.

"Usually, you can have the symptoms of a dry mouth from drinking and cigarette – but obviously I will not tell anyone no to drink water if they think it's going to have them to & # 39; feel better, "Schmitt said.

Of course, that is also related to the evening itself. "You can tell yourself that your hanging will not be so painful if you drink water with every glass of wine but it will not be true."

At best, water may cause dry mouth marks from drinking or cigarette.
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That said, to make it clear enough, water is obviously unlikely to drink – it's almost certainly a little if you try to block obstacles but not it tends to make it worse.

"In addition, you can not have alcohol if you're busy drinking water," Schmitt chuckled.

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