Is Earthquake expanding faster than light?


We often hear astrophysicists and cosmologists say that the most remote parts of the world have moved from us faster than light. But what does that mean? Do they want to say that there are objects in the Earthquake that can exceed one of the basic global dimensions?

When we created a Theory of Special Illiterate, Einstein realized the most important point of view of physics – no one could move faster than the light. Free items move at light speed in & # 39; box, and all other hedgehogs – large parts that contain a & # 39; Most of the environment – move slower than the speed of the light. But when it comes to global expansion, there are often thoughts that this goes beyond the pace. Find out if this is true.

Such a Earth, as we see it now, has been around 13.8 billion years – since the time of a hot brass. But if you ask how long we can see anywhere, the response will be 13.8 billion. years of light, and much more. Thinking about, one can think the pace is twice high: if it was $ 13.8 billion. There was a reconciliation light from "us" for something of the year for $ 13.8 billion. Lightyear, then the blade might have been the light – perhaps even near the speed of the light. If the ball had been a long time ago and kept it away from us at a speed of 299,792 km / s, the light would only reach us, although the thing would be $ 27.6 billion. years of light. All of this is delicious, but it may not be a good idea that the room is enough.

The place in which we live is not enough – it's growing. In addition, we can measure the current level of expansion as it was in the past and in all "intermediate". The light of the item seems to have reached, when the Big Bang (good, good 10-33 seconds from the DS), just 168 meters away from us, now we are now, after 13.8 billion. years, after an incredible and non-professional tour, and the actual thing is $ 46.1 billion now. years of light.

"Aha!" Slogan. "So, a place has grown at a distance that has exceeded the speed of light!"

Are you sure? To make someone move faster than the light, you must have a quick feature: measurable, say, kilometers each other. But the Earthquake does not extend it.

It expands at each unit's distance speed. It is usually measured in kilometers each second for megaparsek, with a megaparsek ~ 3.26 million. years of light. If the amplitude speed is 70 km / s / mpc, this means that 10 mpc, from our perspective, has the object; moving at a distance of 700 km / s, 200 mpc – 14,000km / s, and if it is up to 5000 mpc, it seems that it moves 350,000 km / s.

But does this mean that some things are in place; move faster than light? Let's go back to a special theory of homosexuality and think about what it means when it is said that no-one can move faster than the light. This means that items in one spatial event – at the same time in the same place – can not move faster each other. Even if one thing moves north to 99% of the light and the other at the same distance to the south, their speed will not turn to the light of 198%, but 99.995% of the light of the light. It does not matter how quickly they interact with each other – they can not move faster each other about the light.

That's why a relationship is described: there is a two-dimensional speed in one space measured. However, the type of homosexuality SRT determines the space of a place that does not; extended. The general theory of their relationship increases another level: expanding the space itself. By measuring the degree of normal case, dark case, dark energy, vitality, neutrinos, and all other good in the Universe, and to Moving light from both sides and a distance from the Earth's expansion, we can measure the size of its Brown-gray at any time of the time.

When the Earth was about 10,000 years old, its obvious part was already ten million years of light. The world was a 100,000-year-old visual world when it was today. It was only 10 seconds old in just one second. Yes, it seems that it expands faster than light. However, at any time, any grain of the other grain he interactions made to move faster than the light.

On the other hand, the place between the elements was extended, causing the distance between them to grow, and the size of the farms increasing. It has lasted for billions of years throughout the history of space and its continuation. We can never get into any items that are now over $ 15.6 billion. years of age, even though we were moving at the speed of the light (not in principle), not because of it; they move faster than the light, but because space between these points is a extended.

The main decision is that the scope of the extension at a particular distance rather than a distance at each unit is a distance. As well as overseeing the object, the spatial extension is the largest speed. The more that is, the more it will look red and faster it will look like the observer. But is it faster than the light? To measure this, you must be in the same area. No one moves faster than the light of your position, and the same thing is true about a place and any time in the & # 39; globe. The range expands, but it is not faster than the light, because this extension has no speed.

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