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Bacon and black coffe for breakfast, or oatmeal and bananas?

If you're planning to try to lose weight in 2019, you're sure to get angry online debate and friends and family about how best you can do it. Everyone seems to have an idea, and new times will appear every year.

Two main surveys last year gave more fuel to a particular topic of polarizing – the role carbs make overweight. Some scientists carried out some of the images, but, as other nutritional checks, they can not say which diet – if that is – it's best for all.

People who want black-and-white responses are not going to be fulfilled, but nutritional research is very difficult and is even the most respected checks; come with big beans. People are so different that it's all at all but impossible to carry out surveys that show what really works over a long time.

Before starting a weight loss plan for the new year, look here some of what was learned last year.


The Atkins Diet is no longer known, but the carb-carb diesel school has been enjoying it. The idea is that the carbohydrates are wonderful in food such as white bread quickly converted into sugar into our bodies, leading to energy and hunger energy.

By carbs cutting, the claim is that the weight loss will be easier as your body gets Burning fat as a result of fuel and is not so hungry. Recent surveys seem to offer more support for low carbon builders. However, as many investigations, he attempts to understand just one slice of how the body works.

The study, co-directed by the author of books promoting diet-carb carb, and & quot; Looking at different levels of carb affecting the body's body; energy use. Among 164 participants, it found those on low carb diet to burn more flavors in a state that lived in a state than those who have high carb food.

The study did not say that people lost more weight on low-carbon diet – and they did not try to measure them. There was a strict control of food and food and it was constantly changed so that everyone's pressure was to remain stable.

David Ludwig, the principal author of his journalist and researcher at the Boston Children's Hospital, said he was recommends that carbing restrictions could make it easier for people to keep it off once they've lost them. He said that the procedure could be better for those with diabetes or diabetes.

Ludwig noted that he did not expect to investigate long-term health effects or a real situation in which people make their own food. The results must be represented as proof, he said.

Caroline Apovian of the University of Medicine University of Medicine University said that the conclusions are interesting to the scientific community, but they should not be taken as a counselor for the average person who looks for losing weight .

Do I feel she has been working hard?

For years, it was advised to beat herbs, found in food such as meat, nuts, eggs, butter and oil. Fatigue was seen as a means of controlling weight, because the love of fat on two cavities is more than the same amount of carbs or protein.

Many say that his / her advice was; giving other effects on how to & # 39; allowing us to allow us to make biscuits free from food, cakes and other foods that are full of carbs and wild sugars now to add to; blame our most extensive numbers.

Permanent nutrition experts moved from plaid tips to reduce fat loss rates. Ingredients are essential to take important nutrition and we can help us to feel full. That does not mean that you have to follow a steak thrown into butter to be healthy.

Bruce Y. Lee, an international health professor at Johns Hopkins, said that lessons learned from the forehead of the braille should be applied to anti-carb for long: no longer the tips of advice.

"There is an ongoing look for safety out," Lee said.


Another major survey last year was getting low-carb food and poor fat food about just as effective for weight loss. Results were differentiated by an individual, but after a year, people in the two average groups stood from 12 to 13 pounds.

The author noted that the findings did not resist Ludwig's and low carb carb. Instead, they suggest that there may be some flexibility in the ways in which we can lose weight. Participants in both organizations were encouraged to focus on prepared food as a result of the produce and meat produced at home. Everyone was advised to limit extra and delicate sugar.

"If you get that basis right, for many, that would be a big change," said Christopher Gardner of Stanford University and one of the authors at the survey.

By limiting foodstuffs that could improve its & # 39; Most of the food by cutting off all calories, and a & # 39; leaving a drowsy room for people's choices. That is important, because diet requires a dietary diet to be effective. A breakfast of fruit and oatmeal can be completed for one person, but leave another hunger shortly afterwards.

Gardner says that the review also had restrictions. Partner meal did not control. Instead, people have been ordered to complete low-carbon or low-fat foods in regular meetings with health professionals, who may be able to provide a support network; nevertheless.

SO, what does it work?

In the short term, it may seem to lose weight by eating raw food, or vegan, or not; cut gluten, or follow another dietary plan that catches your eye. But your long-term work will be a different question.

Zhaoping Li, director of clinical nutrition division at the University of California, Los Angeles says that there is no set of guidelines that help everyone lose weight and keep it off. The reason is often people who fail – they do not. Take into account the factors that drive us to eat what we are doing.

To help people lose weight, Li a & # 39; investigating her patients in patient and physical activity to identify improvements that people are capable of staying together.

"What's happening is what's important," said Li.

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