& Is not connected & # 39; – Ramaphosa's campaign law firm is leaving Trillian, Gupta appeals


Sandton's based law firm has provided a trust account used for house funding for the ANC president's election campaign by Cyril Ramaphosa last year on the request of Gupta / Trillian's connection to one of their directors.

This is a response to the DA, published by Tuesday's statement that Edelstein Farber Grobler (EFG), Jeffrey Afriat, had previously been director of Trillian Capital Partners (TCP).

The DA stated that the account was relying on the "slush property".

EFG refused the DA's claims and stated that it is intended to be & # 39; holding the head of DA Mmusi Maimane over the "slim and mental statements" in the published statement.

Business registries independently received affirmation that Afriat was a director of TCP between March and November 2016.

But it has emerged since then Afriat was an executive director of TCP and more, without playing any part in TCP issues.

A report on a state capture report

In a brilliant case about the R500 000 contribution to the Ramaphosa campaign by the Director of Bosasa, Gavin Watson, News24 declared that the EFG account of confidence was used to collect Ramaphosa campaign money.

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The company's TCP has a financial advice linked to gupta, subsidiary companies, which has put hundreds of thousands of millions for work done in partnership with the global consulting firm McKinsey as part of a billboard contract.

In total, the TCP Eskom R600m rented for what was subsequently confirmed was an illegal contract.

McKinsey has since reimbursed their funding while there is no TCP.

It was clear that TCP was linked to the Gupta state capture project and, according to the old public Protector Thuli Madonsela published on the capture of state, he invested in Gupta's purchase of R2bn of the best coal mine from Glen Right in 2016.

Afriat is named in the Madonsela report as a result of his director of TCP.

EFG and Afriat, in response to questions from News24, said there was a right of connection between funds received from donors in the "EFG2" trust trust in relation to the Ramaphosa leadership campaign and its connection with TCP , despite her & # 39; The case is DA that the Vice-

The company also said that Afriat had no interest in the administration of an "EFG2" trust account.

There is no full company & # 39;

According to Afriat, he was a non-executive director of TCP from March to November 2016. The company's records also show up this time.

During this time and for a period of about 13 years in advance, he worked as a claimant for his own account, said Afriat.

He was appointed director of EFG in December 2016 shortly before the company of its law firm and EFG Incorporated together in January 2017.

"Mr Afriat provided legal legal services (the capacity as a vocational advocate) to TCP and related companies that he held care in a normal business course," said EFG in response to News24.

"[He] he did not have any part in PPE cases and never attended any board meetings. Afriat Services are presented as an advocate for TCP on an ad hoc basis. At one level he was a member of the TCP. "

According to Afriat he did not have a personal relationship or connected to any of the directors, shareholders and / or employees of TCP (or by guptas no gupta leutenants) ".

"There is no interest in terms of the funds found in the trust campaign and the old Afriat company with TCP. The DA, by trying out both cases link to bribery and corruption where there is none, "said Afriat.

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