Is sugar really bad for you?


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It is difficult to think about now, but there was a time when people had only sugar for a few months a year when some seasonal fruit was.

About 80,000 years ago, hunter-gatherers safely and often, because they had sex with them.

Now we have sugar throughout our year, often with very little nutritional value and easier access – just by launching soft soda or a gray box.

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We do not have to consult with a specialist to see that sugar capture is not so healthy than on our days of hunting or hunting; gather food.

Today, sugar has become the only enemy of public health: it is taxed by governments, removed by schools and hospitals from those sales machines and closed -mach from the experts that experts have. praised.

But so far, scientists have been trying to confirm how this is; affecting our health, whether there is too high diet in inclinations.

Is it possible to find only one person under control?

Research carried out over the last five years and published in the European Journal of Nutrition has confirmed that a diet over 150g of daily reflections reduce insulin awareness – and so to & # 39; Increase the risk of developing health problems such as high blood pressure and increased blood pressure. levels of cholesterol.

But the researchers also decided not only because of the increased volume of diabetes; on health, but because there are more calories. That society was the problem.

There is also an argument to acquire land that is; Demonstration of one dangerous food – and decomposition that makes us feel worse; cutting edge is crucial.

Sugar, also known as "extra sugar", which includes table sugar, honeycomb, honey and fruit juice, has been extracted, cleaned and put in food and drinks for develop flavor.

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Some researchers say that we are making democracy against hard things, such as sugar

But complex and simple carbohydrates are made up of sugar pelucins that are then, when they are built into glucose, is used by cells; body to generate energy and to nourish the brain.

Fragile carbohydrates contain whole grain and vegetables. Simple carbohydrates are easier to circulate and quickly discharge sugar in the bloodstream. They include sugars that are found naturally in the foods that we eat, such as fructose, lactose, shiocrose and glucose, and others, such as a supernatural cereal syrup made by a man.

By the 16th century, it was only possible to buy the rich sugar. But this provision expanded with a colony trade.

Then, in the 1960s, the development of a great turnover of anti-spice geology continued to create a highly confused cerebral syrup, which is a very limited glucose and fructose.

This strong combination, over any other type of sugar, is that many public health advocates think about the most deadly – and that is what many people are experiencing; Think of when it comes to "sugar."

Drying sugar

High-grade cereal syrup in the United States increased ten times between 1970 and 1990, more than any other food group. Researchers have shown that this needs to be done with increasing obesity across the country.

At the same time, sugar drinks, which utilize rich fructose cereal syrup, have been a key factor in research that has been done. Analyzing our health effects on sugar.

Finding a meta-analysis of 88 checks linked to the consumption of sugar drinks and body weight. In other words, people do not fully compensate for a & # 39; Getting energy from eating drinks with less food – perhaps because these drinks can be eaten; Increased hunger or actuarial reduction.

The researchers decided that, although the number of food drinks and sugars as well as increased with obesity in the US, the data only represents a broad translation. And everyone does not agree that high-density cerebral syrup is the factor that proves in the voice of a voice.

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The word of sugar contains a mixture of tumors and fructose, which is found naturally in the product

Some experts say that sugar consumption has declined in the last ten years in countries such as the US, even with high levels of obesity. There is also an infection of obesity and diabetes in areas where many of the high-quality cereal sprouts are not used, such as Australia and Europe.

The same type of sugar ceramic ceramic syrup is not considered a problem. Extra sugar resistance, especially fructose on a variety of problems.

Some scientists say it causes heart disease that's because of when cells are infected, Breastfeeding is one of the final three-thrombred results – a type of fat that can be collected in organs cells over time. When triglyceride is released in the blood blood, it can contribute to the growth of fat plates within the walls of the cemeteries.

It was likely that a 15-year study confirmed: it was found that people who consumed 25% or more of the daily calories in the form of extra sugar twice were more likely to die from heart disease such as those who were use less than 10%

Type 2 sugar is also considered as a result of added sugar. Two major surveys in the 1990s found that women who spent more than one soda or zoo were more likely to be able to get a day, The development of diabetes than the rarely rare ones.

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Some studies say that alcohol consumption continues to form theology, but there is no evidence


But again, it is not clear if this causes sugar to cause heart disease or diabetes.

Luc Tappy, a professor of biology at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland, is one of the scientists who argues that excessive calorie wear is the main cause of diabetes, obesity and blood pressure, and sugar was not just a part.

"By taking more energy than they cost, this will mean that the fat money, the face of insulin and liver are gruesome, no matter what how good it is, "he said. "In people with high energy production with a high level of energy, even a strong vitality / diabetes diet is well maintained."

Tappy says that athletes, for example, often use more sugar but have lower levels of cardiovascular diseases: the increase in froctose levels can be mitigated during exercise to increase performance .

In general, there is little evidence that additional sugar causes diabetes type 2, heart disease, obesity, or cancer. Yes, the higher accommodation is attached to these conditions. But you still need to establish clinical tests that they are caused by this food.

Sugar has been related to suffering, but there is no scientific decision about it too.

Detailed analysis published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine in 2017 concluded that mice could have a sense of sugar; express and argue that the content is a. produces a similar effect to a cocaine, such as riot.

But British newspaper has been a major ban on the misunderstanding of the evidence. One of the main rounds was that the mice had limited proportions for two hours a day. If you have allowed them to take sugar at any time they want, which would show how people eat them, they would not act as drugs.

However, surveys have shown other ways in which sugar affects our brain.

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One investigation found a link between the consumption of sugar drinks, such as soft drinks and body weight

Sòlas now

Matthew Pase, a researcher at the Swinburne Center for Human Psychology in Australia, examined the relationship between a & # 39; Using alcoholic beverages and mental health symptoms is determined by MRI scans.

Those who were drinking soft drinks and fruit juice often gave lower and lesser brain genius books.

Those who spent two day-to-day sugar drinks were at a time; comparing between two years for two years compared to those who were drinking anything. But Pass explains that it is not possible to make sure that there is only a sugar; affecting the health of the brain when measuring a measure of fruit juice.

"People who drink more fruit or soda juice can share eating habits or a lifestyle related to brain health, for example, they can also do less," said Pass.

A recent study found that sugar could help to & # 39; improving memory and achievement in older adults. Drink researchers contributed to small amounts of glucose partners and asked them to do different memory tasks. The other partners have got a drink that has a beautiful princess. They measured partner participation levels, memory capabilities, and their own opinion on what they needed to be struggling for.

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Researchers believe that the emergence of vocalization has emerged when a high-quality cereal syrup has been widely used in a business; food

The results suggest that sugar can be & # 39; making people more confident in achieving tough tasks with full potential – without feeling that they are in a position; try harder. By increasing blood sugar levels they were also more happy than their work.

Younger adults had increased energy after drinking a glucose, but that did not affect their enjoyment or memory.

Although current instructions show that no additional sugar should be & # 39; accounting for more than 5% of our daily calorie numbers, nutrient Renee McGregor says it is important to recognize that there is no healthy, fair food for everyone.

"I work with athletes who need to drink more sugar when they need to work hard because it's easy to hear. But they & # 39; worry that they are completing what is recommended, "she says.

Do not smooth

For most of us there are no athletes, it is true that no additional sugar is essential for a healthy diet. But some experts give a warning that we should not be marked as poisonous. McGregor, which includes those with orthorexia, is preparing a healthy diet, saying that healthy food is not "bad" or "bad".

And when turning sugar into tabu, it can only make it more likely. "As soon as you say you can not have something, you want it," she says. "That's why I'm not saying that I'm not out of boundaries, I say food is not nutritional value, but sometimes there are other quotations at food."

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One study showed that people were drinking two fruit juice in the brain for two years, compared to the non-drinking organ

Alan Levinovitz, a professor associated with the University of James Madison, the USA, examines the relationship between religion and science. He says that there is a simple reason to think about sugar as bad: Throughout history, Democracy makes the most difficult things that we oppose (reflect on sexual enjoyment in the Victorian era). Today, we do this with sugar to control the requests.

"When we see things with a simple break, good and bad, it is not uncommon that this evil thing can be in the assessment." This is a & # 39; happening with sugar "he said.

Levinovitz argues that he can see food at such many concerns. worry us about what we eat – and we will put moral judgment on something that is essential and every day: decide what you're going to do.

It can take off its & # 39; Our food is even to be unsustainable: it could be to & # 39; Submit it with something that may be more caloric, like to include sugar with sugar in the race. And among the debate that is growing about a sugar, we The risk of eating these foods and drinks with added sugars does not lead to other essential animals, such as soda, with healthy eating in sugar.

One person who fought this prestige was Tina Grundin, 28, Sweden, who says she would think that not all sugars were unhealthy.

She continued a high vegan diet in protein and fat, and said that eating disorder was uncertain.

"When I started to ease after eating, I knew I could not go much longer. I grew up frightened with a sugar in every way, "she said. "So I realized that there was a difference between sugar and sugar as well as carbohydrate and I took a high fructose and a high dancer of natural sugar stalk that can be found in fruit, vegetables, bark and clay cream."

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Athletes usually use more sugar than others because they are being metabolized during exercise, but have lower levels of cardiovascular disease

"From the first day, it was like the smoke had gone down and I can see it clearly. I finally gave my cells to my cells, found in the glucose of carbohydrates and sugar."

Although there is a disagreement about how different types of sugar affect our health, it may be better to do & # 39; think less about it.

"We are very much added to nutrition because, basically, what everyone wants to experience is full, to have a great sense of experience -mall and successful, "said McGregor. "But that's not there."

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