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Reporting "Telephone Arena" HTC suspected that the report would have erased a mobile phone mobile program in the first half of 2019, causing a debate in Taiwan. In response, HTC published a statement in response to the statement that C4 2018 and early in 2019 provide a number of consumer and commercial market advocacy material, and consumers are not worried.

The full text of the statement released by HTC is earlier as follows:

HTC (Hongda International Electronics Co., Ltd., currently known as "HTC"), has been the global leader in mobile phone design and actual fact, media reporting today (21), a & # 39 Use the fragile theory for "HTC U12 + as a last generation. A-U-handheld phones", this verifies that the incorrect statements have not been confirmed by its & # 39 ; company, as follows:

At this time in the generation of new technology, smartphones are still an essential part of human life, and we also believe that the 10 years of change will be guided by the main VIVE Reality technologies. As well as developing technology, the ever-changing platform and wealthy AR and VR content, greater attention will be given to the powerful influence of AI emergency data, blockchain blockchain and 5G fast network. On a five-day day, we will continue to incorporate the major strategic ideas. How we have been in & # 39; leading the development of communications technologies such as 3G / 4G, we are working hard to get ready for 5G.

HTC includes acting and platform tools for productivity, price, assignations and actions; All client groups need to respond to rapid changes and market demands. At this time, the limited organization of U12 Life 6G / 128G Taiwan will be registered in December, and Q4 and 2019 2018 will also publish a variety of consumer and commercial market advocacy materials, and users can continue a & # 39; look forward and take good care of them.

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