Is the price of gold the next week a bigger size?


The price of gold the next week is positively supported by illegal stock market factors, the USD index is rising and the Brexit process is still introduced.

New York's trading last week, which saw gold prices rising to $ 1,221 units; Gold revenue for the delivery of $ 8 per unit, or 0.7 per cent, was delivered to $ 1,223 units. Overall, the world's gold price has increased by 1.2% compared to the previous week.

Although the price of gold has fallen down to a minimum of 4 weeks in the early days of the week, but then the price of gold is to be broken up and down; Recognizing benefits, such as uncertainty Around global geopolitics, especially in the British Isles process, is a good place for investors and traders to focus attention on a valuable metal.

Standing in front of an increase in gold price, consider the price of gold in the next week, the survey results on Kitco News also received many positive attitudes. Most analysts and market analyzes said that prices of gold would continue to upgrade the higher.

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The level of gold price expected next week according to the Kitco News survey

In particular, according to a survey by Kitco News with 15 market experts on Wall Street, nine experts (60% level) expected the next week's gold prices to be higher than last week. Three experts (20%) identified gold prices that could fall back and the other three experts expressed a strange idea of ​​his / her; gold market (20%).

According to the 502 online Respondent Kitco News survey, 311 respondents (60%) said about the price of gold in the coming week. A further 123 (26%) comments indicated that gold prices had fallen and the remaining 68 (14%) will be marked to continue.

Walsh Trading's commercial risk insurance director Sean Lusk said gold prices are going to increase in the next week because investors are going to have a " move to gold.

The scientist said it's likely that the investors will bring the gold before the gold price is charged to increase the price of gold. In addition, when a stock market is experiencing political turmoil in Europe, gold is the area that investors are interested in this time.

Sean Lusk also said that when the US dollar indexes are high due to the adverse effects of US trade war, the market will It has a positive impact on a valuable engineer, which is estimated to be a large amount of capital migrants into the gold market; securing a secure asset.

ForexLive Members – Adam Button also said that gold prices could be increased in the next trading week. This opportunity is present because investors are not sure of their stock market as well as the things that do depreciate the dollar, the gold market will be more attractive.

Adrian Day, the chairman and senior management officer of Adrian Day Asset Management, has also been optimistic about the opportunities for a valuable metal market. He explained the positive things for gold prices, which are the poorer between the two US parties when the Democratic Party is likely to expect President Tr Trump to investigate. In addition, the Brexit process between the UK and the EU will have many barriers to active support for the gold price.

INTL, analyst of the FCStone Edward Meir also said that the bailiff factor for gold has fallen on a global stock market, and has dropped down share levels on US government bonds as the price of gold tends to rise. up to 1,245 – USD250 / oz.

Mark Leibovit, editor of Gold Gold VR, says that the price of gold is likely to fall dramatically and can break the $ 1,172 attendance rate by the end of 2018.

Looking down at the price of gold, Bob Haberkorn, RJO Futures's superb bravery, said at the highest prices of gold, Looking for new business to increase the amount. sold gold. Severe gold prices are rising because their market is Waiting to travel in Deer in December.

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