Is the suicide image suicide the next generation?


The Su-57 fighter is the three warriors in Russia and only 13 were raised. However, in 2016, the Russian Aircraft Aircraft Company stated that the first one would have a test in 2025 for those who had a " striking sixth generation.

The Zvedza TV video site detects an Awesome Protect Blog website with the Su-57 engine test icon. Which warned the clarification was defended that there was a series of Russian planes such as Mig-1.44, Su-47, Su-57 and an unidentified plane without the fact that the site could have been the moss in the sixth generation. of Russia.

Blog Blog said the strange plane model featured on the television series was "accidental loss".

The website stressed that the new model was very similar to the design of Mig-37 "Ferrret", an ever-expanded Soviet loop. According to one view, the plane and plane design are completely fictional – a story created to urge the US government to invest in & # 39; develop the new plane itself. In fact, the plane does not appear as a model of a toy for collectors.

Blog Protecting confirms that the "leaks" have been a focus on a single business or as part of a Russian propaganda campaign.

The Russian Defense Ministry has not mentioned the results.

Hai Yen

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