Is the the Ultimate Determination of the Samsung Galaxy S10e and the S10 Galaxy?


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Distribution – We saw a lot do from the Samsung Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10 + (Plus) upcoming. But do The first two modules now have a & # 39; appear without Tuesday, so that it shows that the motion is not a # 39; mentions any person's mental theme.

Di-tweet with Evan Blass, a computing profile that will show that the Galaxy S10e offers affordable prices among the three back cameras. Samsung sent a finger scanner on the side handheldSouth Westerly

Is the the Ultimate Determination of the Samsung Galaxy S10e and the S10 Galaxy?

Page GSM ArenaOn Monday (02/11/2019), he said, the phone will show a flat screen cell rather than the curved edge found on the other two models. In the US market, Samsung is immersed mobile platform Snapdragon 855 as the brain of the machine.

While giving support to his jobs, Galaxy S10e has a & # 39; including 3,100 mAh goods. Super AMOLED 5.8-inch screen will come together handheld which has 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Although the colors are colorful, green, white, and blue.

Switch to the Samsung Galaxy S10, hand It will display a Super AMOLED 6.1-inch screen, a finger-to-screen scanner on the screen, and three camera options on the screen; behind.

Is the the Ultimate Determination of the Samsung Galaxy S10e and the S10 Galaxy?

For sale models in the US, Samsung is compiling smartphone With Snapdragon 855 and basic storage 6GB / 128GB RAM. There is also a selection of 8GB / 512GB RAM. The battery is slightly higher than the Galaxy S10e, which is 3,400 mAh. Although the color is still the same as the Galaxy S10e.

Even though it is not visible inside do the most recent, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus also show Super AMOLED screen with a range of 6.4 inches. The reader finds a finger on the screen included with three camera options on the back panel, and two cameras selfie on screen.

Find Snapdragon 855 again in the entries on tools sold in the US. In addition to two memorial memories, there are storage options such as Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, with 12GB of RAM and 1 in-house TB databases.

Based on authenticated facts, Galaxy S10e costs around 11 million. Although the Galaxy S10 is likely to have dropped more than 13 million Rp. And for the highest difference, the Galaxy S10 Plus has a price over Rp14 million.

It is expected that these three phones will be launched at an unplanned Samsung event 2019, just on 20 February.


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