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Millions of people suffering from acne have been hoped that new research is being carried out. suggest that the situation can be genetic.

In the first test of this type, researchers investigated the DNA of more than 26,700 people. including thousands that reduce bad acne.

The results showed that there were major genetic changes between people with the situation and those with clear skin.

It is thought that there is a gene that is; Controlling hair follicles has become an important part of its common condition.

The researchers have been inspected as a major leap & # 39; and hopes that more efficient healing will be preventing permanent trees.

The first survey is the first to start and # 39; shows that acne may be genetic and associated with follicles of sufferer (stock)

The first survey is the first to start and # 39; shows that acne may be genetic and associated with follicles of sufferer (stock)

The study was carried out by the National Institute for Health Research Biological Research Center at the NHS Foundation Guy Trust and Guy St Thomas in London.

Acne is very common in teenagers and young adults, affecting around 80 per cent of people aged 11 to 30 in the UK, according to the NHS statistics.

Around 85 per cent of people aged 12 to 24 years in the USA suffer, the figures from the American Dermatology Academy are in fact; praised.

People are more likely to suffer from teenagers, with symptoms that disappear generally when they reach the middle of 20 years. However, it can be hitting when it is a bit; age.

Councilor Jonathan Jonathan Barker's dermatologist and colleagues investigated the DNA of 26,772 people, with a total of 5,602 acne.

The researchers found changes related to acne at 15 genetic locations, 12 of which were not previously indicated.

They also found many of the genetic changes related to the condition of their skin; affecting the creation of follicles of hair.

It is thought to be & # 39; doing a healthy follicle test has been trying to & # 39; Distribute bacteria that cause acne that continues to inflammation.

"These genetic methods have never been installed ever before, and it's a big jump," said Professor Barker.

Professor Barker hopes to gain an understanding of the role of acne genetics leading to more efficient remedies aimed at reducing the blast and its acne; preventing bacteria confirmation.

"When you show a genetic basis of a contract, you can make a lot more efficient remedies," he said. For people with acne, it is so important that more healing is available.

"We need to deal with people older and more efficiently, so as not to get fragments, which even lasts after the situation has come and go. Affecting up to 20 per cent of patients.

Writing in the journal Nature Communications, the authors added: & # 39; Acne can have emotional adverse effects and psychology and has been associated with depression, unemployment, suicidal thinking and self-kill.

"The medication arrangements are often unfit and poorly left, and there is still a significant medical need. & # 39;

The joint study between the team of Professor Barker and the Genomic Medicine Association of Professor Michael Simpson at King & London College.

Professor Simpson said: & There are several of the genetic changes that I have; reflecting interesting evaluations that can be very good targets for new drugs or remedies that would help patients really. & # 39;

Researchers confirm that there are additional genetic changes related to unnecessary acne.

It is defined as places and oily peel that is red or pain. Although it is not fully understood, acne is considered to be caused by a combination of sebum, inflammation and the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes a & # 39; go into hair folks.

Acne medicine varies depending on how bad the situation is. The NHS advises that if there is only a bit of black, white or sparkling, Caves Caves Including Syzox Benzoyl.

It is an antiseptic in a benzoyl peroxide that is a; Reducing the amount of arthritis in the skin, which should reduce the number of black and white pages.

In more severe cases, territorial retinoids can be ordered, however, these can cause birth reasons and should not be taken when pregnant. Antibiotics can be taken by the side of water and water.

It has been shown that hormone medications are effective in women, especially if their acne is related to their hormones. An example of the controversial isotretinoin drug, which reduces sebum to & # 39; make and disable follicles to & # 39; gutting.

Isotretinoin will cause birth defects, and women need to sign to a & # 39; Confirm that they understand the risk and use anti-ideas, even if they are not active in sex.

There are also reports about people with real care or self-sufficiency as long as they were. isotretinoin taking. The NHS emphasizes, however, that there is no evidence that these gloomy changes are due to its. pharmacist.


Cystic acne – the bad shape of the condition of its skin – a & # 39; occurs when skin and oily skin cells grow deeply in follicles of hair.

If these are the disease, it can be similar to the word.

Spots will occur when pore in the skin; dispersed, usually with dead skin cells. If bacteria enter the marriage, it can grow red and move.

Cystic acne occurs during this disease; deep penetration into the skin, creating tender notices full of pus.

If the cyst is bursting, it can spread the disease, causing more broken.

Often teenagers or early 20s, but can be as young as eight or over 50. Cystic acne is more common in men.

The face, the coffin, the back, the upper arms should be affected and often.

The correct cause of Cystic acne is not clear but it is considered that the androgen hormones are included.

Androgen will increase when it is calling and it can & # 39; means that poles receive chips.

In women, a monthly cycle, fertility, menopause or polytstic ovarian ecosystem can also make acne more deeply.

Overcrowding cure that allows for less acne is often no impact on question forms.

Dermatologist can order oral antibiotics that control bacteria and lower currents.

Fever and geology that contain material of a dose; Invasion, a type of vitamin A, also helps with unpopular poles.

Pills of birth can also help women to control the hormones.

It is important that you get cure to stop scratching.

People suffering from bones should not be able to; raising their poverty because this can deepen and spread the disease.

They should also guide healthy lifestyles. Research suggests that a sugar diet is a? developing acne.

Victims should also try to relax as a result of pressure causing the body to remove more hormones.

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