Is there an increase in uterine cancer related to obesity?


of the United Units for Control and Disease Change (CDC)
States, between the years 1999 and 2015, pointed out accounting rates
Uterine Cancer grew 12% in that country, which means that every year
They grow around 0.7%. In addition, more than two-thirds of these cases
They were cure for endometrial cancer, the machine that is a inner wall cover

The theory
researchers, regarding the
Increase in these cancer types, focusing on the steady increase
obesity in the last decades. he is
He explained that uterine geneticism has been circulated
excessive estrgen, which occurs especially when a woman is
too heavy or fat and has completed a month mass.

Scientists pointed out that women were in severe conditions or obesity
they have opportunities to develop two to four hours more than cancer
to the endometrium of those with constant pressure.

It should be noted
uterine cane hunting can be early healing
With a good report and saving life.

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