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Historically, credits, named for the Greek goddess of love, have been introducing edibles as appealing as a Spanish plane, the rhinoceros horned to the ground and plantations. unusual.

Indeed, as a result of the inquiry into the book at Intercourses, author Martha Hopkins found out that almost all food was treated as a print at some point.

"Food was usually hard to judge as limited, scarce or expensive as truffles, foie gras, caviar or foods with the form of a sexual body such as asparagus or artichokes, even animal experiments," said Hopkins. .

Although usually we link to other groups and lies, romans and libido. In the seventeenth century – when all the pigeons from almonds to almonds and parses were considered as e-diamonds – they were also linked to reproduction and fertility, and was the reason for the reproduction of t that is to be given medical supplies of married couples, according to Jennifer Evans, a history professor. at the University of Hertfordshire, which researches food and fertility history.

But can food have a major impact on sexual desire and performance? And why is this idea really true in history?

A witty dagger

For those with mobility problems, it is true that some foods can help in a similar way to providing blood vessels and blood flow to the gene genes.

Because of its appearance, the bones come to be considered as principles. SAFETY INFLUENCES

The L-Arginine amino acid, for example, found in food such as pumpkins, nuts and beef, has been converted to nitrogen oxygen in the body, which builds up the bloodstream. Rich foods have an effect on Omega 3's acidic acid, such as salmon and avocado.

Another Quercetin helper, found in apples, berries, wine livers, red wine, rock and dark chocolate. It is in a poor state of repair and could improve blood flow.

But only those with weak impairments will see improvements in their sexual work as they eat these foods, Lauri Wright, spokesperson for the US Nutrition and Food Academy. No-one with good circulation could see any changes.

The point is that when most people think about prisons, it's not the first thing that comes to their normal minds, but what they hope.

And food is believed to have long been a help in the desire of chocolate.

The study said "The effects of eating dark chocolate and cocoa on endotheial work and an adult's heavier inertia", published in the British Journal of Nutrition, cocoa can increase blood flow in parts of the body over the torso. . However, when direct relationship to sex was examined, no evidence was found to support its use as principle.

In fact, no evidence has been found that any food has elevated a desire or a desire.

It has been shown that cococ improves blood flow, but there is no lack of sex. SAFETY INFLUENCES

There is only one example: alcohol.

Several smaller studies, published in the US National Library of Medicine, have shown that alcohol consumption is all about enjoyment. However, it can also constrain sexual performance.

Red wine may, in particular, be associated with the sex work because of the potential health benefits to the heart, according to Michael Krychman, an expert, gynecologist and clinical clinical adviser in the Center for Sexual Health and Medicine. T Southern. California

Whilst it is important to emphasize that the link between red wine and circulatory health is not solely circulating.

The reputation of wine as a profile can also be attributed to being part of the midlands of the Mediterranean, which is mainly a food source of vegetable origin such as fruit, vegetables, thimbles, whole grains, nuts, and olive oil. . Another feature of this diet is that sugar, cheese and meat are relatively low.

And because solitary food is a healthy way of life, the Mediterranean diet may affect the effects of profile.

It has been found that wine can develop sexual growth … but it has disadvantages. SAFETY INFLUENCES

Overall health

"It has been found that red wine is having an impact on sexual activity, but we don't know if it's a diet, or a combination of diet, lifestyle and genetics," said Krychman.

“What we know is that people who exercise, keep healthy food and less weight, all these elements co-operate and offer a better sex life. . "

Our entire diet can work as a flask by developing blood flow, creating an increase in hormone and better production, Wright.

In a survey published in Journal of Sexual Health in 2010, containing 600 participant-type sugar women, they discovered that the Mediterranean diet was associated with lower levels. T sexual problems, and a further investigation by the name "Dieting factories, a Mediterranean and erectile Determination diet, published in the same issue, as the title states, food could be involvement in the development of poor infrastructure.

“The level below is a healthy diet of seafood, lean meat, nuts, fruits, vegetables and whole grains – especially the Mediterranean diet – helping with diets. Meaning of blood and improving blood flow, "Wright said.

Process can lead to more than one food, a healthy diet and a balanced diet. SAFETY INFLUENCES

And the lack of evidence to support a particular food such as aphrodisiac is good: any food with such a powerful effect would have been explained, Jessica Abbott, professor of evolution in Lund University. Sweden.

"Most of the foods we eat do not have an adverse effect, which is something that relieves them, or it would often not be safe to eat them," he said.

“All the plants associated with disputes are part of the food we eat in small measurements such as the plant Mimosa Pudica and high flush species, which have many active compounds that are used. as a protection against botanical animals. "

Think about a case

So why do some people say some foods have nutritional properties?

Maybe it's because they believe they will do that, Krychman said.

"There is little evidence that there is any impact from sexual assault, there is strong evidence to confirm this, to an extent that the plague is particularly large," he said.

We don't think every kind of chocolate is aphrodisiac; the context is important. SAFETY INFLUENCES

The reason is that so much is different for everyone and that it is an advantage, Nan Wise, psychologist and sex therapist at Rutgers University in New Jersey, said.

"Desire at a physical level, psychological, and reasonable, and there are many variables." If you believe food is getting bigger, psychology will affect the effect of plague on our ability to be excited or not, "said Wise.

All of this depends on the context of our eating experience, which was commissioned by Evans, from Hertfordshire University.

Why China, the world's largest country, needs to encourage its women to have more t
“Usually you don't think that chocolate is a squirrel every time you eat Twix, you have to be in the right position,” he said.

Our individual experiences can be a definitive feature of food growing each and every one of us, said Jean-Christophe Billeter, an associate professor of social and sexual behavior at the University of Groningen, in the Netherlands.

“People can be easily praised, and the brain is linked to creating dense memory when we have genetic success.” Depending on the circumstances, the environment in which a person was born could be a A motivation for the future wish of sex. "

In the right context, any food could have bad features. SAFETY INFLUENCES


Ultimately, food could be detrimental to any food. After all, if a person dies hunger and there is no food nearby, it makes sense that their sexual desire is falling.

“From a evolutionary point of view, people want to make sexual connections, and it is vital that a healthy weight and diet provides the necessary nutrients to achieve this,” said Billeter.

There is evidence that food in the seventeenth century often appears on the same basis, according to Evans. It seems he helped "eat the couple for the next trip".

Testing with flies of fruit, Billter got out without spitting patterns very much when there was no food nearby. If the fruit is in an environment where there is food, they link to the first man to find up to seven times a day. When there is no food they will only make one go.

You can also find evidence of eating that we eat a food that makes us attractive to the other species. Think of the characteristics of some birds, for example, the men are more colorful because they are more attractive to women. Male seals can have these colors by eating food with organic nutrients called carotenoids.

Homework can be an apprentice as a result of giving and receiving food from a partner. SAFETY INFLUENCES

This applies also to people. In the past, women thought the attractiveness was more robust, because of their "fat" potential when there was little food nearby to reveal that the food was at their mercy. a good woman about reproduction, "said Billeter.

It may also be that there is an irreversible case for giving a sexual partner a food – perhaps explaining why a box of chocolates on Valentine's Day or related food could be given. to tempt to attract home.

"Spiders are catching to introduce women with the intention of standing next to each other, while there are species of cricket that require geophysical material to make the female females. T with them, "said Abott.

The idea for anarchism has been for so long that people are always attracted to what is promised to young people, lifelong and fruits, an argument.

For that reason, it seems we will continue to believe in them for centuries.


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