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The ability to make new friends comes to the majority. But for some, it's not so easy. It can be difficult to talk with foreigners to be difficult, but if you find that you are in a position; Starting to adversely affect rebellion emotions, you could have a & # 39; suffering from social concern.

Several of the psychologists commented that social concerns could be to prevent you from being infected. enjoying life to the highest. Among other things, may have a particular impact on relationships and your role.

The social concern is "just a normal part of life" he said professor of psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Debra Hope to Health.

Health says that simple methods such as listening to your favorite song, getting extra sleeping and doing, should say. Avoiding caffeine for the time to reduce nerves. Despite religious beliefs, not just people with clinical congestion or clinical concern that should work on their mental health. A person's mental health can change according to emotional, mental and social wellbeing, which are all dependent on someone's knowledge.

However, if your odd thing is to extract things like a & # 39; removing a work interview, or avoiding a complete conversation, may have been identified as a clinical problem, according to Health.

Like most human problems, there may be an inherited emotional emigration in accordance with the National Institute of Mental Health in the United States.

Guidelines used by clinicians to be in & # 39; diagnose mental illnesses, called Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Problems, which defines social concern as a disorder; including great fear or worry when there is a social situation, or situation related to performance. It is a normal amount of time that prevents such situations at least six months to confirm social concern.

If you had a positive interaction with peers of age, you were not as likely to develop social responsibility, according to the clinical psychologist David Shanley as reported by Health.

"You are trying to develop a social worry disorder from avoiding what could be given," said Shanley, a & # 39 ; mentions the neglect of social situations.

Shanley also explained that everyone was different and could be suffering from a social concern differently.

"Some people with friends may have close, some people may not have close relatives, and some of them will have some experts but that they will be familiar to close friends , "he said.

In simple symbols, Shanley says, "Fear of" irritating "is" afraid of "disappointing" of "failing" or "looking like a stranger."

However, social concern can even appear in good situations, such as gaining an award, depending on Hope. If you receive a recommendation or reward, people who suffer from social fear can fear that they can not survive.


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