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Larte Design, an office space owner in Germany, Russia and the US, has just published her offensive equipment for Maserati Levante GTS.

Known for her work with Infinity and Mercedes, Larte Design's design combines carbon parts with panels of good quality to turn luxurious equipment into an angry-leaved beasts. T

Setting the focus to SUV at Maserati, the tuner gave a real insight into carbon fiber that is produced to good performance.

The equipment for the Shtorm GT body consists of 16 elements of carbon fiber, including wheel arches, fur coated covering, wing caps, side skirts, cracked front cover, mirror cover, back deflector, and machine. roof lid. There are also two options for tailors.

Although the lights and the lighting had not originally been altered, the split and the cover alone, will make a pretty angry face.

It seems strange to be putting this carbon fiber to the vehicle that's more than 2000kg already, but it's a little different.

Fixed to a white carriage, these carbon fiber parts have been greatly extended and very different from the paint.

Although the packet could be added to each change in GrandSport lineup, it is not currently available for the most impressive Levante – the Trofeo which has V8 turbo-liter V8 of Ferrari on it t fill in the barrier.

Because the SUVs are able to build a space between family cards and sports cars, looking so well has not been absolutely fantastic.

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