Is VinFast expensive or cheap?


VinFast "Pumping" car prices

"Fadil is like Chevrolet Spark, Kia Morning, it's a $ 3 million worth, worth $ 85 million, why not take a profit and sell over 300 million?"

"The new 2018 Chevrolet Spark $ 13,000. Fadil 2018 Vietnam's new 19,000 USD. Where is the freedom?"

Without some "back" ideas on the VinFast car price between strong support to & # 39; market. VinFast Lux (sedan and SUV) Pricing and VinFast Fadil at the same price as VinFast. expensive.

Model Lux A2.0 by VinFast

Model Lux A2.0 by VinFast

"The price of the Camry sold in the US has over 400 million. Why is VinFast's worthwhile price Lux2.0 still 800 million? This is awful!" – Minh, an architect in Hanoi, is amazing.

However, the automated world is a n; Thinking that such questions are "just amazing." According to a non-denominated financial expert, the price of cars in the US and the cost of Vietnam cars does not compare taxes and the cost of car maintenance in Vietnam.

For example, the price of 800 million dong of VinFast Lux A2.0 is not after the incentive but a gradual price of its fee, a business tax and sales costs. The price structure does not include the cost of a bank interest, the reduction of factory tools, wages, profits … in accordance with the principle of regular finance.

By generating a tax fee, VND800 million VinFast Lux A2.0 was subject to a VND228 million tax deduction, VinFast was collected only about VND571 million. With the VinFast Thread, the special spending tax paid to the state is about 87 million, which does not mean that, car company that sells cars that have a car; sold only 249 million. This story is similar to the price of the SUV VinFast Lux SA2.0.

Vinafast & Fadil urban carriage

Vinafast & Fadil urban carriage

This also means if VinFast Fadil is sold in … the US for $ 13,000 (about $ 300 million), and the USA is a. belongs to a 35% special Sale tax for Fadil in Vietnam, a car and a 410 million car price, not 370 million for Vietnamese users.

According to experts, if they compare the prices of cars sold in Vietnam in general and VinFast in particular with the single car in different countries, compare prices apart from taxpayers.

This sum will be paid to the state budget, the automobile carrier is only the car carrier. And whether VinFast or any car company should accept this amount into the sale price. As a result, cars that are supplied with SA will be sold at prices that are higher than the US market price.

In addition, the tax is 10% – 25% depending on the type. Although VinFast focuses up to 60% locally, in a & # 39; first level, with 20 to 30 components in the vehicle, they still need to; Most include, because the local route is not sure. one-way is achieved.

At this time, all parts of VinFast Lux are now high quality components, with high prices, most of which are supplied by BMW providers, such as comparisons with lower modules are the most fragile!

What are the costs of car rentals in Vietnam?

In the world, a car tax is divided into three groups: high, medium and low. Vietnam is in the upper car tax company with 15 types of fees and expenses before proceeding.

In particular, there are cars in Vietnam in the fast food department, subject to a special special fee of 35% – 60%. The next thing is a tax. Home vehicles are made and collected according to taxation into components and vehicles are included in full units subject to liability levels, even up to 70% for vehicles that are coming outside of ASEAN.

VinFast Lux SA2.0

VinFast Lux SA2.0

In particular, for cars, the tax principle charged is to apply the tax charged; Building on the tax, that is the new fee will be based on price & car and old taxes in order: export tax, arms tax and final and VAT. This is why the same price in Vietnam is twice high, even three times in price in other countries.

In the United States, for example, cars totaling less than $ 9,000, taxes on CBU will be around 6% and tax taxes will not depend on cars. In Thailand and Indonesia, there is a policy in encouraging people to use small cars, so they have low rates, at only 3% -10%. At the same time, the lowest tax level in Vietnam is 35%, and how taxes have been repaid, taxes to make fares in Vietnam are much higher than Thailand and Indonesia, Although the three in the & # 39; high car tax company.

According to experts, today's cost of production in Vietnam, taxes and costs of 45% – 55%, is the excess cost of product vehicles. However, this cost is also 20% higher than the other regions in the area as Viper offers up to 80% of the parts.

So if Vietnam is to buy a "real" car in Vietnam with its price … the US does not "think" because the special spending tax is for people to pay 35-60%. That's why VinFast aims to increase the local level to 60% in the future, because if so, car rental price is more competitive.

Therefore, according to experts, consumers need to be wise, for comparison, to be the same framework for quality, class and these are sold in the Vietnam market due to each other's taxation fees .


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