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Kaohsiung, chief candidate Chen Qimai and South Korea, made political debates on Sanli News of the 19th century. Both sides started attack and wild defense. After the meeting, it was thought that a & # 39; The South Korea race is more likely to grow. "There's such a thing as a perfect group." This invading and defensive war is also a debate topic in a variety of circles. But some of the websites are coming into the 2004 election election. At that time, b & # 39; Chen Shui-bian's debate on Lien Chan's history of violence. God of War. "

The data is not good! Korean Yu discuss content full of mistakes

▲ Chen Qimai's 19th debut was special, and it was difficult to attack Korean Yu against the face.

Chen Shui-bian, Lien Chan, Debate, Korean Yu, Chen Qimai, etc.

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In 2004, president of the president Chen Shui-bian and Lien Chan were divided into four stages. The topics covered include poor care, sovereignty, political donations, economy and party materials. At that time, Lien Shui-bian criticized Jiang Shui-bian for showing his political performance. "The 250,000 billion is the second way to save the government, but this is done by Kuomintang and the Kuomintang." "The road is not repaired by them. The money is not spent. This capacity means that it will save 250 billion yuan to the government before taking up a role." indicates that Kuomintang's poor problems are only 4.8%, and Chen Shui-bian is already about 8%, so it's up to you to solve the problem. "."

I did not expect Chen Shui-bian to listen to him after that to calmly respond, "Is the bad debt caused by one month or caused one year?", Really as the national directors' competition, if this is not a common one, Mr Tien is worried, "There is a face to face against me now; Chen Shui-bian has also said he has budgeted of 520 billion yuan, and finally it has 250 billion yuan access. Do you still thank me? "

Chen Shui-bian, Lien Chan, Debate, Korean Yu, Chen Qimai, etc.

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And Chen Shui-bian continues to & # 39; plays a regulatory political cartoon, such as water quality improvement in the Kaohsiung area, not only completed within three years, but also a. The original budget of 15 billion, down to 10.9 billion, as well as the Mountain Mountain Tunnel, the Kuomintang After nine years in power, he could not go through. At the end, he finished under Chen Shui-bian. He said that Lien Chan "was used as the dean and the regional chairman. Why not do it? It is obvious that there is an opportunity."

This debate on Lien Chan has become a "best player in the history of Taiwan's debate" on the internet. Compared to the story of the son of Lian Shengwen and Ke Wenzhe in 2014, the networks have said "this year The war is not uniformly binding." "A-Bian has gone through Huang Dazhou, Zhao Shaokang, Lien Chan, and Ma Ying-jeou. "

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▲ Lian Shengwen was in the debate in 2014, and was also considered by internet users to be washed by the opponent Ke Wenzhe.

Video source: YouTube, if you pardon me if they were deleted.

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