Isabella and César reside in the incredible coronation & # 39;


Dewar of joy

One of the most interesting moments was; yesterday the coronation event, which was over Kings Carnival Segebre and Freddy Cervantes. After so many beautiful dresses, Iseabail had a simple, simple and uniform clothing, decorating large-scale fleshcore and ivy jewelery. César, for his, had defended a red chapel, with blue information and much gold. On their decoration as they are, kings, they were willing to get the crown that had been on the # 39; wait. Barranquilla, Seo na Reyes Reyes 2019 here!

At the same time, the tears were rolled down their cheeks and the audience was listening to listeners who wanted to hear.

"The tears are so happy. I'm very happy because my dream is fulfilled", and his first statements of his death; about the media.

"I have no words for all that happened to express my mind as long as I was on that stage," said Cesar, still with watery eyes.

In child protection

In addition to the coronation, the kings met the Bando's reading; praises the rights of young people, not allowing adults to rely on more resources for the small people. Isabella and César commented that it's "hot, hot, warmth" in our children, which is to grow our country. "

Karol, karol! When the exhibition closed, all parents and their children wanted to stay to the end. "Who wants to stop the world," asked the famous singer Karol Sevilla, the leading television series Soy Luna, aboard the stage.

Since that time, herding puppets were united in their poles and jumped together with a song rhythm because there was nothing wrong and I did; I really enjoyed it.

His blog surprised his fans who have a hat turns and, at one other time, a & # 39; including Barranquilla banner, as well as trying to go down to listeners to leave and sing up.

Karol reminded children who should not be scared when they meet the enemies, those who want to hurt their thoughts. She said: "When that happens to you, do not be sorry to speak."

The star also praised Legarda, to whom he composed the song. "There was a lot of strength for his family and Luisa," he said. His praised children responded.

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