ISE 2019: Samsung expresses even more power from its & # 39; Wall, QLED and Flip


At the earliest point of view, a person could imagine that Samsung had the same reconstruction status at the ISE 2019 as in the previous year. Last year's results appear in a & # 39; Wall, QLED displays and also the digital wire scale known as Flip as a Samsung device in 2018.

But just at first sight. "Outside, our current products may probably not be changed," said Daniel Périsset, Head of B2B at Samsung Switzerland. The great difference to the previous year is the shows that showed.

Daniel Périsset, Head of B2B at Samsung Switzerland. (Source: Network Media)

Other LEDs in the wall

Since last year, Samsung has been working hard on work inside their solutions. The Wall, for example – as well as other wall exhibitions – is carved with a highly developed image and color quality.

The difference is in the Software, Périsset said. The single speed at the individual lots would still be 0.8 millimeters. The South American leader has already been showing the 2011 CES mid-crisis solution in Las Vegas. This year the manufacturer wants to increase the size of 8k up to 292 inches (7.4 meters).

At another host, Samsung showed another new development in LED signage: an interactive LED solution. For this reason, the exhibition was installed in a housing. It contains a bracelet that records consumer communications source.

At the same time, Flip Flip got a new product account. This included some security features. Therefore, the WLAN connection is now protected by WPA2 – a huge demand for corporate practitioners in accordance with Périsset's features.

Samsung launches double sides

Samsung's new selling shows are even bigger than you could think at first. At first sight, they are similar to a typical LED display – so you can see the back. The outer shows of the OMN-D series are both sides. "In the old days, a shopkeeper had to decide: I put my show up so that the shop window looks great from the outside, but not from the side stand, or again, "said Périsset.

Indoor and outdoor display. (Source: Network Media)

The producer is packed for this purpose two shows in a narrow case – which is as thick as many other producers' performances. The whole case is only a centimeter thick and can be positioned by hanging or standing. Outside, the display is pressed with 3000 Nits and into the store with 1000 Nits.

As in previous years, the position of the maker was once again in the hall itself – separated from a resistant to the rest of the sale. Samsung's new exhibition was involved in three sites instead of two floors. However, the highest two floors were reserved for customers only and partners.

Then, the maker showed the prototype of a double piece display. It does not have a small centimeter; in this solution.

Calibration with the digital phone

The improvements to the materials should also make the lives of the partners more simplified. So, the houses in the new video wall are more softer and clearer. This makes it easier to install.

There will be other help for your host to your phone. Develops an app that enables the correct calibration of signaling solutions through smartphone. For this, a display and smartphone must be in the same network.

The whole process lasts 60 to 120 seconds. Currently the app for LCD video walls is available. There is only one prototype for LED video walls.

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