Ismaili rejects Metwally and Mahmoudi from his African list


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Sunday 18 November 2018 – 3:31 PM
| Last Updated:
Sunday 18 November 2018 – 3:55 PM

Saif al-Saghir, a transport coach at Isma, told them news that Mahmoud Metwally and Bahar Mohammedi would have been excluded from the Afghan Palace League next season.

Several news releases have shown that Ismaili Jorvan Vieira's coach has been issuing the defender Mahmoud Metwally and Baher Mohamedi from a African list, move on for the move that the two clubs could have to the Ahli club during the next movement window.

Saffan Al Saghir confirmed that both players were included in the African team list. They are expected to take part naturally with the DF in the new League of Prisoners.

Ismaili coach explained that the team needs to strengthen their levels with at least six players during the winter movement market, rejecting any intention to abandon the services of both Mahmoud Metwalli and Baher Mohammedi.

Saif al-Saghir made his thoughts on Radio On Sport FM, saying that Mahmoud Metwally will be taken off from his opposition to the military work next Wednesday in the league championship as a result of hurts and ready for a & # 39; Moroccan Raja Casablanca game at Zayed Clubs for Excellence Clubs.

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