Isola dei Famosi 2019, the ninth tranche: Soleil promotes Brosio on TV with Luca. Abolition of Ariadna


Alessia Marcuzzi - The ninth program of Isola dei Famosi 2019

Alessia Marcuzzi – The ninth program of Isola dei Famosi 2019

After the gruesome week marked by the Fogli situation and all the follow through, followFamous Island 2019 is on-going ninth bet. Here on the living post was updated to continue and update minute by minute Everything that happens in the studio and, overall, in Honduras.

Isola dei Famosi 2019: the minute is a minute of a ninth program

21:42: A few minutes of delay compared to normalIsland. Alessia Marcuzzi is at the heart of the investigation, which has something to say: "I want to apologize on my behalf and the program for the finalization". He describes what happened last Monday with Riccardo Fogli. And it just connects with him who is in the nomination post: “I have to repent because I didn't expect your answer (…) I couldn't give my love. Not sohe says. The exchange soldiers will be returned again and now remain in one position "Thank you".

21:47: After a summary of what had happened during the week at Playa Uva, the first link with the wreck, a shipwreck that has been sent away. Marcuzzi warns them all: "Come in, because there are unstable things happening".

21:50: Alessia hopes that they will be away soon, except for the two outstanding couples (Kaspar and Stefano) and the director (Ariadna no Soleil). Then it is crowning the two columns. Advertising.

21:55: We talk about the conflict between Soleil and Ariadna, "a blow" after Sorge said Bettarini and Capparoni ate fish without knowing others. They do deny: "You are as wrong as Judas. You are a bad leader", he ruled Kaspar. Stefano will specify: "We've always been talking to everyone" t. The Advocate comes in: t "I warned the clothes between Soleil and Ariada anyway". The two are still torn.

22:07: The guest invites the two girls to leave the palace for the definitive playing day which they can see before each other to be a new leader on the week.

22:10: In the first instance, everyone involved will get rid of Soleil. “They (Stefano and Kaspar, DDM) have always given everyone food.

Soleil Rises will again be a director

22:13: Soleil and Ariada challenge each other in the most advanced test, which is Honduran's time. It is a second-hand test, which lasts for the second half; Sorge wins immediately. "Faster than light"Alessia says. Alda: "Even language, it is faster than the light". And, speaking to the shipwreck, he said: "You are destined for people and so".. Scotland also keeps and acknowledges: t "I am pleased he is a director because they would have gone out the televoting". Advertising.

22:24. T: The new chief will go into the palace; only Riccardo and Sarah welcomed her. Marcuzzi invites Stefano to laugh, but he is unable to do so: t "We must suffer this, but only with hunger", referring to Soleil.

Eight attack the televoting

22:26: Alessia reveals to the competitor, except Bettarini, Capparoni and Sorge, who made the "You are all named.". And the television opened to eight between Aaron, Ariadna, Luca, Marco, Marina, Paolo, Riccardo and Sarah.

22:32: We talk about the two competitors and their fishing skills that are on the market. Both acknowledge that they are better offAn island that is not there. And the Marcuzzi: "Do you know what it is? You'll come back". Stefano and Kaspar are celebrating, but the presenter explains "It's not a reward". Advertising.

22:44: We Have Your Say that it is already feeling that Stefano and Kaspar: "I will miss them. I was very happy with them.".

22:45. T: Jeremias will be making your way into the studio this Monday: "If I knew you were so beautiful I got rid of you first" t, he tells Alessia. Then he takes out his best and takes in his sister Cecilia.

22:55: The program is continuing with Paul's suspected pain. However, they say "Get started again". In fact the text about speaking fiction about the sticks in front of the camera is actually the text. Aaron refuses: "It is always the same thing" t. Brosio says that the evil wishes were taken by the prayer prayer, and they did not understand it all.

23:00: Not surprising Marco. In an appointment he will receive a video message from his wife. The soldiers, who are thinking of the family, admit: 'What am I doing here?'. Then, through investigation, he finds that there is a Romina in Honduras on the beach. Maddaloni gets hold of him, but Alvin stops him … t

23:07: The woman of the house is linking to her: t "It's said that you can accept Marco". Yes, this can only happen if the competitors decide to give the fire for 48 hours. Alvin will begin the choices: Paolo, Soleil, Riccardo, Ariadna, Aaron and Marina are in the favor of the meeting; Sarah and Luca are the only people choosing a fire. So long time Maddaloni will see his wife. Advertising.

23:17: Marco arrives in Romina. Between the two kisses and the yoke. He says that he sometimes ends with his desire to go home, but she persuades him to go and respond.

23:25: The Gialappa Band's first speech with a video about erotic dreams & # 39; Sarah, who Paolo is praying.

23:32: Try your prize. Soleil is a leader called to make a team: she chooses Marco, Aaron and Ariadna. But every individual will benefit from the award.

23:34: Alongside Stefano and Kaspar have landedAn island that is not therewhere there are only hooks for fishing, they have to rebuild the hut and, above all, their fire for 48 hours, as the group agreed. "We eat sushi, there is no problem", said Bettarini. Alessia invites them to hide because what comes out of it will be quick. Kaspar is OK to say that "Not a lifespan, they have seen him recently".

23:37: In the studio, Jo Squillo, has a shoe on the left foot and a stiletto hose on the right. The shipwreck affects her poem in Honduras and is desperate to say that she had lost opportunity for women.

23:43: Soleil, Marco, Aaron and Ariadna are ready to win the prize test, which emits the spaghetti carbonara up to a level. By balancing your balance, all four balls must move a large rubber from side to side without letting them fall. Overall in 4 minutes. The experiment has passed. Advertising.

23:54: Drivers will have two and a half hours to eat, but at one time. Each, therefore, has to choose what time to eat, and others count. But the accounts don't add: Paolo, Aaron, Ariadna and Marco can't take advantage of the award.

23:59: A new film of the Gialappi, always dedicated to Altobello's "pearls".

00:03Alessia is closing the televoting. Ariadna hopes to destroy him "To get to the fishermen" t Bettarini and Capparoni. Do Pharietti it will be left only Luca or Marina as they are the most exposed.

Abolition of Ariadna Romero

00:05: The envelope is reaching the conclusion: Riccardo, Marco, Paolo, Aaron, Sarah and Luca are saved. Ariadna and Marina are both left. The shocking out of the Romero was 21% of the votes. The Cuba, which is happy, happy and leaving the planet. Advertising.


00:17: It is time for the nomination, which will be again in secret. Soleil director is very waterproof. The first name name is: Sarah: naming Aaron "This is the only man I can see without verve". My mother then welcomes her: "You are my Pocaondas".

00:22: We have arrivedAn island that is not there and they run to hold his friends. The shipwreck, however, takes over the public's decision and says that it is pleasing to return to her son. From the search they are trying to make it live, but there is nothing to do: "I'll come home"Romero says.

00:29: The names follow. Aaron's name is Sarah "Out of all the partners I want to vote for" t. Here is Paul's turn: he called Luca "He said" I never caught the fish "and instead he took it.. His mother has a video message. The soldiers have also moved, because he sees the picture of the child he took.

00:36To find the nomination post Luca: is named Marco "It's always named". Advertising.

00:41: Here is Marina's version: she puts Riccardo on the edge of a edge "It doesn't recognize that sometimes Soleil rises". Then, Marco: the name of Luca. Finally Riccardo: he named Marina because he saw her desire to bring her children again.

00:49: With two votes, Luca will be nominated by the organization. Advertising.

00:56After looking at a meaningful welcome to the families affected by Ethiopia's impact on the air disaster, Alessia will communicate with those who have left for them. Director Soleil, who Riccardo returns to Isla Bonita, decides he will send Paolo to the televoting against Luca. Marcuzzi will start voting.

1:01: The bet is about to end here. Appointment on Monday. A good night for everyone.

Isola dei Famosi 2019: expecting the ninth program

Live Canale 5, starting at about 9.30pm, t Alessia Marcuzzi the first installment of the. tIsland of Famous 2019. The writers with her in the studio Alba Parietti and Always It's My, and the Gialappa band returns to live show broadcasting with competitors' speeches and videos. On the other hand, the journalist from Honduras sent Alvin.

When Gezzal escaped, he switched the televoting to Aaron Nielsen and Luca Vismara. All shipwrecks are at risk. In fact, the results have concluded that the competitors in the game will be the main characters who live from his drawing attention to television who decides who the palace leaves between them.

We shall speak, as in all programs, what happened during the week at Playa Uva, where debates were not lost again. In the group's group are clear, like the band between women and Soleil Sorge and Ariadna Romero, who can compete for the new exam. leader.

During the night, the show host will also dispel Jeremias Rodriguez and Jo Squillo, who is out of the game with injuries. Finally, yes Nominations, for the selection of shipwreck candidates for extinguishment of the next Monday.

The Fogli case

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