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14 Automakers + 8 Car Flats as well See Sales Sales in the USA


Published on 6th April, 2019
by Zachary Shahan

6th April 2019 by being # 39; Zachary Shahan

Now that we have a giant electric car in the USA (the top 13 cars in the country selling the first quarter of 2019 and its best selling car), it's interesting to look closer. T to take it. changes to the overall car and the sale of cars by automakers. I follow a close look at changes from month to month and quarter to quarter using automaker sales reports for this purpose.

As you can see in the journal, the following movers saw that their markets collapsed in March 2019 compared to March 2018: t

  • Fiat (−45%)
  • Chrysler (−38%)
  • Alfa Romeo (−31%)
  • Infiniti (−23%)
  • Jeep (−11%)
  • Buick (%9%)
  • Chevrolet (−8%)
  • Dodge (−6%)
  • Toyota (−5%)
  • Nissan (−5%)
  • Mercedes (%5%)
  • GMC (−4%)
  • Ford (%2%)
  • Cadillac (%2%)

These are the 14 enablers who saw sales that fell across all sectors / classes of cars together. In most cases, car sales were down more than general sales.

There were also 8 cases where total sales of goods were carried out but his car sales were down one year. These were the carriages: t

  • Subaru Cars (−22%)
  • Lincoln Cars (−17%)
  • BMW Cars (−15%)
  • Volvo Cars (%10%)
  • Hyundai car (%9%)
  • Acura Cars (%7%) t
  • Audi Cars (%7%)
  • Lexus Cars (%6%)

Only 4 tradesmen saw growth for a year over a year and had never seen a decline in car sales: t

  • Ram (+ 15%)
  • Volkswagen (+ 14%)
  • Kia (+ 10%)
  • Honda (+ 4%)

So what behavior is this? The biggest sales are that most manufacturers get blow in the USA, and Tesla sales have been on the rise (up 110% Q1 2019 against Q1 2018) and a number of viewers have seen this increase. Another automation that has a large size selection.

In total, 14 automatic shops decreased from March 2018 to March 2019, while a further 8 saw that their sales were declining due to car sales. It is worth taking note of this in the Tesla Model 3 context, as well as moving further from cars and into chrossovers, SUVs, and lorries.

Heraldic brands, particularly the luxurious carpet brands, have been recognized and this is not surprising given that Model 3 introduces the luxury car category.

What are the months ahead? We see, but if more than twelve automakers fall asleep with sales, some could hit a deadly financial wall. Look out.

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