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A Facebook VK Facebook wants to be Turning 100 Million Users to Crypto Fans

VKontakte (also known as “VK”), which is a Russian version of Facebook, plans to broadcast itself. This project is currently being developed, but no final decision has yet been taken.

Social media company is creating criopocurrency that all users can achieve, according to the Russian news website RNS.

VKontakte says he has 97 million active users.

VK progressed a money transmission system in 2018

If VKontakte is successful in submitting its own chriopocurrency, users will be able to collect a crypto to share interesting roles and collect “things like this”.

They can also use the digital money to purchase and sell products together and transfer property with VK Pay. VK Pay was the cash flow system launched by VKontakte in June 2018.

However, it is not clear how the cryptocurrency VKontakte in Russia would give rise to lukewarm attack by counterfeit money.

As CCN recites, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, is wearing a bit of bannocks, although he has stuck a little stars.

Recently, Putin set up a date on July 2019 to establish crypto rules in Russia. However, it is doubtful if these regulations will be rolled out this year as this initiative was previously delayed.

Last year, Putin set time for July 2018 to implement guidelines for the biotcoin trade, initial start motions, filings, and kryo mining. But these rules did not come into force.

Duma Rep: You will not take Crypto Russia for 30 years

In addition, Elina Sidorenko of State Duma says that Russia does not accept cryptocurrencies for at least the next 30 years.

fathann bitcoin russia

Elina Sidorenko from Duma says that Russia has never invested in bakery. | Bottom: YouTube

Sidorenko chairs a cross-party working group of Duma State to manage the risks of cryptocurrency trade.

“The Russian Federation – like any other country in the world – is not just doing the same thing as its traditional financial system with criopocurrencies. "

“And it seems unlikely that this idea can be applied in Russia for the next 30 years.”

Facebook Scandal-Ridden is going to be calling for its own Crypto

Facebook Zuckerberg Privacy

Privacy of scandal-ridden internet also builds criopocurrency, according to reports. | Source: AFP PHOTO / JOSH EDELSON

Facebook generated waves of growth with the cryptocurrency industry when the report of its ambitious plans published to create a sustainable stable that will allow 2 billion consumers a month to convert each other.

As a result of the enormous size of the world's Facebook network, a monopoly of social media could work as a small autonomous economy.

However, Facebook has been blocked by scandals among publications that it has been selling private user data for years – without user permission.

As a result, the US Trade Commission is considering a Facebook mapping with a fine "registration situation".

With the crisis associated with allegations that Facebook has broken down another user's privacy, it is not clear how willing the customers are to install their financial information. .

Also, an old Harvard class from Mark Zuckerberg says that Facebook has grown into consumers and has 1 billion false accounts.

So as well as breaking user privacy, social media monopoly has made a big promise, in line with its significant allegation.

“If we are, as we say, Facebook is lying about its fake accounts, which means that advertising for billions of dollars in the benefits of malignancy could be a big threat to consumers – over and above those already overstated by advertisers. ”

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