A study will investigate cradle-based differences in social support needs among breast cancer patients


Cell cancer during cell division. Credit: National Health Institutions

In Psycho-Oncology A study of 28 women treated for chest cancer and participating in focus groups, white partners noted that it was essential to persist in breast cancer cancer in their support network to meet their social support needs. However, the black people did not mention people who lived on chronic cancer as part of their networks, however.

In particular, white and white stakeholders used the focus group's environment to bring social support.

The findings focus on how important it is to know about the sympathy of patient support needs. Interventions should be addressed to address these needs by; Helps connect among living people, offering more routes to obtain support from clinicians, and their clients. Encourage women to invite family and friends to be active care partners.

Let's let us know physically: To continue chronic cancer on her; move

More information:
Andrew J. Paladino et al, Qualitative examination of cradle based differences in social support needs from different women with breast cancer on support cure, Psycho-Oncology (2019). DOI: 10.1002 / pon.4979

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A study will investigate cradle-based differences in social support needs among chronic cancer patients (2019, 6 February)
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