A woman was removed from the ultra-Orthodox polling station to allow the rabbits to vote

A female Likud woman from the polling station in the Orthodox city has been kidnapped in Bnei Brak on Tuesday morning by director of the Ger Hassidic sect, Rabbi Yaakov Aryeh Alter, according to the Friday report. Haaretz.

The lady initially refused to leave the polling station, so raptors approached members to organize Likud Knesset to remove the woman, she said.

Likud's lawyers set up a male male officer to the polling station to replace the woman “while she was serving,” when the rabbit put his vote in.

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Sources told Haaretz when rabbit fans noticed that the lady Likud was at the polling station, they knew he was "a proper case from the start."

Rabbi Yaakov Aryeh Alter from Gur Hassidic Dynasty will be attending a gathering of Jewish party Torah United, ahead of the forthcoming elections in Jerusalem, April 8, 2019. (Noam Revkin Fenton / Flash90) t

“They did almost everything to try to persuade her that she was going, giving out her money,” said the store.

One of Alter's fans told Haaretz on Friday that the rabbi would not be expecting to break the woman, but they saw her attendance at the polling station as “a respect for respect”. ”

“The Rabbi doesn't get women or see them,” he said. ”It's just the same thing to honor a particular request for a prime minister or president.”

Alter as Admor, or head, moves Near Hasidic and powerful supporter of Deputy Minister Yaakov Litzman from the Torah United Party of Judaism.

Likud Yaakov Vidar's committee leader, Vidar, said the paper had "made a change of staff as required" during the busy election period.

Ultra-Oughter communities often try to disperse between men and women. Both species sit separately at synagogues and weddings, and women and men who are not relatives stop from physical contact.

Efforts have also been made to implement a gender separation on public buses, but the Israeli High Court is illegally banned, and also frequently where men are disrupted. she was refused a seat by a woman on a plane.

It is not just the same, which includes the four Israeli – themed newspapers – which includes four daily newspapers, two core weekly services and two main websites – refusing to appear pictures of women, declaring that it would be a modesty to break up.

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