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Be later

How does a Twitter account active at a terrorist who killed two Americans?

Arnold Roth, the father of the American-Israeli Malki Roth, who was killed at the age of 15 in August 2001 when a suicide bomb itself in the pizza Sbarro restaurant in mid-Jerusalem, demanded that Twitter closed one account. T however, one of his daughters was killed.

A rebel terrorist Ahlam Ahmad Al-Tamimi, who directs the self-market attacker to the restaurant and now lives in Jordan, and is on the FBI's “Best Mutiny” list. 'tweet from the Hashemite Kingdom.

Roth tweeted on Sunday, “I have a live Twitter browser at @FBIMostWanted. Why?"

He said he's tweeting already about asking @ keepers to stop # Tamimi. Their response so far is: tu You can learn more about referring to abusive behavior here. If we take further action, we will contact you. ’

Wheel asked how many other terrorists kept active accounts.

Tamimi was released from prison in 2011 as part of the contract for prisoner release by Gilad Shalit, an IDF soldier, to Israel.

Fifteen people were killed in the bombing of 2001, with seven children, and a further 130 injured. The victim was killed in the explosion.

Tamimi was given 16 life sentences for her role in planning the attack and advancing the offender. The US asked Jordan Tamimi to be sent out to the USA, but the request was refused.

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