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An Clever Way Queen Elizabeth supports Kate Middleton

Queen Elizabeth and The Duchess of Cambridge recently joined together at King's College in London. Since he was there DuchessAppearance was first made by the Queen, many journalists and royal fans were particularly interested in the event. Some were even regarded as a spectacular event where Her Majesty gave Kate Middleton great support.

So what happened and how Queen Elizabeth showed love and care for one of her cousins?

The Duchess of Cambridge has been getting less media attention

When Kate Middleton married Prince William in 2011, she became the voice of the most pressed media and member of the royal family for a number of years. Although a private member of the public who wanted to avoid the documents, she was photographed and sent on a worldwide basis.

However, when Meghan Markle added to the royal family last year, attention was given to The Duchess of Cambridge to the new Duchess of Sussex. An international actor and proponent in America, it has been no surprise that Meghan Markle has succeeded in attracting a lot of traffic from the public. Nowadays the media haven't stopped regularly publishing a news release about Meghan Markle, especially with his new baby and Prince Harry.

As Queen Elizabeth shows support for Kate Middleton

The recent event at King's College as a way of helping The Queen The Duchess of Cambridge was recognized, especially since Kate Middleton is married to the future king and also the mother of his heir. T the future. Usually, the Duchess would accompany her Majesty with at least one other member of the royal family. But Queen Elizabeth decided to take care of Kate Middleton on this unusual event.

Share with the Best Life website: “Her Majesty understands everything that is relevant to The Duchess of Sussex and all that she gets with her. media about her pregnancy. The queen thought this would be a good time to give an exhibition of support to The Duchess of Cambridge. She likes her. ”

At King's College, both of them toured the school research facilities, found up close to some robots, and met a number of enterprising students. It seems that the queen and the Duchess were enjoying a company and that they saw that they had a blanket in their car.

Another well said: “The Queen is delighted with the way Catriona is supporting herself, supporting William, and it's great with their children. She never wishes to be at the heart of her mind, which she is keen on by her Majesty.

Queen Elizabeth's friendship with Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle

Unlike Kate Middleton, however, Meghan Markle became the first link only to the Queen just about a month after it got into the royal family. In June 2018, a new Sussex Duchess joined her Majesty on an evening visit to open a bridge.

Although Queen Elizabeth has never given the reason for why he had taken this long before he allowed The Duchess of Cambridge to attend an event, there have been several replies.

Kate Middleton on her own first expedition by Queen Elizabeth
Kate Middleton on her own first appearance by Queen Elizabeth Max Mumby / Indigo / Getty Images

Some people think that the queen was not in the best relationship with Kate Middleton when Middleton was still the lover of Prince William. Her Majesty was necessary and did not know if she was capable of undertaking royal duties. However, supposedly they have restored their relationship over the years and the queen is particularly pleased with the work of The Duchess of Cambridge.

By contrast, some people have claimed that Queen Elizabeth and Meghan Markle are getting a better chance. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Markle is himself an old actor, and that she is already well aware of philanthropic work in public eyes that makes the queen more comfortable with her. as king.

But whichever Queen Elizabeth prefers it, we cannot deny that she is trying to give much support to the two daughters.

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