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Anatomy Gray shows that Jo's family history is in the hearts of heart and beauty

We'd found out what was coming tonight, but that wasn't easy to look at.

As Jo dealt with an emergency patient who was terrified to talk about it or even hand it down to Jo and Teddy, we saw her where she went through when she went to see her. her mother found her birth. t

Having confronted the old woman leaving him relaxed and sad that Jo's father had died in a motorbike accident, his wife told her she was going to head off. with her new college year. He forced her through the date, and she didn't tell any one she was pregnant. After accepting the baby who fell in love with that boy, she knew that she could not give her to life to the baby or look at the child without thinking of the dead. Shouted.

She knew that she was not the "right mind" when she left Jo's birth at the show, but she also knew her "right mind" on the night on which she was forced, t and not like the same thing again.

Jo has also made a brief presentation to her ER patient, Abby, to give them the opportunity to make a pre-treatment kit ahead of her surgery, mainly by telling the story of how to behave. her husband and her husband went away and she was afraid to say anything. As Abby had refused to leave her test room to get to the OR as a result of fear of hospitalization, Jo had been banned from dining and all the women were being barred. when she was moved to a surgical operation.

Despite the strong ability of Jo to be for Abby, and how she confirmed she would expose her and alert her husband, she refused to speak to Alex or give it to her. was happening at all. She told him to go and drink with Meredith because she had everything to go home and sleep and he didn't speak about it and their promo is for the next. a program showing up opening up to Link instead.

In more happy news, next week we are also returning Abigail Spencer like Megan, who is delighted to know that her brother is getting a teddy baby, whatever his level of debt with the whole situation.

Gray's Anatomy tunes on Thursday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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