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Azaria, Hebron's distributor, supports soldiers who have stated that they are " abolishing Palestinian people

Elor Azaria, the old soldier in Israel who was convicted of being killed and imprisoned for killing a civilian invasion, showed Tuesday outside a military court to support Five Israeli soldiers were tested inside to go to; hitting those who were suspicious about Palestine.

Azaria, along with members of the family, came to a small complaint of right executives at the Jaffa Army Court where the test is held.

"They should be strong with their belief that they are true, that all Israel is behind them," Azaria said to the showers through a loud voice. "They should not be scared. They just know what happened there. No one can judge them. There was no one in their shoes."

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His father, Charlie Azaria, was also at the court house, saying to the reporters, "What they are doing here is to confirm to send IDF [Israel Defense Forces] Test soldiers, our 24-hour-old children are in the worst places that can be. "

The soldiers, who attended the Netzah Yehuda religious group of the Kfir Army, were celebrated on 31 January and were attacked by attacking the two prisoners after arresting them , covered with blind and covered and placed behind the military bearers of military personnel.

One of the five Israeli troops from the Battle of Kfir was arrested for saying that there were two Palestinians who were arrested for court hearing at the Jaffa Army Court on January 10, 2019. (Flash90)

The two Palestinian guardians – arrested a father and son in an attack carried out as part of a terrorist investigation killed two of the service companions in the armed forces attack Givat Assaf in the middle of the West Bank.

The Palestinians have been challenged after their death; helping terrorism when he fled.

On Sunday, the chief executive officer was on the five soldiers who believed him; worrying them not to leave the crime that was raised.

Sgt IDF. Elor Azaria, the Israeli soldier attacked a Palestinian dead in Hebron, which was seen in a court hearing at a military court in Jaffa, 11 September 2016. (Flash90)

Azaria was serving nine months in prison for 18 months to go to # 39; Killing Abdel-Fattah al-Sharif, Palestinian who had already installed and already enforced the Israeli soldier.

Azaria has been saying he was well-behaved in the hunting, a film was made, and that took place in the town. West Bank in Hebron on 24 March 2016.

He won that he killed Sharif in his head because he thought he had a bomb hidden under his clothes and had a knife. He said that people heard that someone should do something, "and I did it just as I was taught from the beginning of my training as a war soldier."

The military court rejected all Azaria's claims, saying that the soldier was unsure in the times before he killed Sharif, and his statements to fellow soldiers. A worthy attack to die for attacking his companions.

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