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Fan Bingbing goes back to the camera at Jessica Chastain's “355”, the action film the Chinese star just shot a few months before his career became entrusted to a halt.

Sources are confirmed Miscellaneous The current stars – Chastain, Fan, Lupita Nyongo, Penelope Cruz and Marion Cotillard – and 35 strong director Simon Kinberg – are to be resigned this year. “The project is moving forward with the first actor and film-maker, with an announcement for a start date with full details,” said a well close to the fruit.

However, the film has lost the support of China's Huayi brothers, raising questions about how it is funded. “We aren't involved in this project any more,” said Huayi spokesman Miscellaneous this week, without more information.

“355,” the full-time spaniard warrior published by Freckle Films Chastain and submitted to FilmNation overseas owners and distributors, was the most expensive to sell in the Cannes market. last May. The project budget was earmarked about $ 75 million.

But there was no question about Fan's involvement and the fate of the film, when a young whistle player said last June that the player brought in the taxes. Shortly through the use of secret contracts – something that was not very common in the Chinese Leisure industry. Fan suddenly disappeared from a public view for months until it was announced last year and publicly acknowledged that she was rude. She was told, along with her companies, that they had to pay an impressive RMB 883 million ($ 129 million) in fine, fine taxes, late payment and interest payments.

Although Fan has seems to have escaped criminal convictions and official cessation as an actor, China's film industry has since been re-admitted. It has disappeared from billboards and magazine pages, appearing only on social media occasions to make false and friendly comments.

Her first new hassle from a scandal is thought to be “355”. Depending on the starting date at the start of a shoot, it may not appear back on the screen until the end of 2020 or even 2021.

In a video interview on, Kinberg's director said last week he hopes to hunt the film this year. He added that it was “more interest than first interest.

But other information is unclear. The media finance department CAA dealt with sales of rights to “355” for North America and China, which were said to have been worth more than $ 20 million to the issue by Universal and Brothers Huayi. CAA represents Kinberg and the five actors.

The Huayi brothers have now gone out of the project for an unknown purpose. Maybe the decision to decide that Fan remains a poisonous person in China and Introducing the Hollywood title could be too difficult. Perhaps he could also show Huayi's own financial difficulties. After a death in 2018, the company warned shareholders this week that they are going to lose about $ 13.5 million (RMB 92 million) in the first quarter of 2019.

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