Carlos Ghosn on the "backstabbing" and "conspiracy" at Nissan – Quartz

Carlos Ghosn, a former Nissan CEO who had been accused of financial abuse in Japan, spoke to the public for the first time today (9 April) from his arrest t in November.

However, Gosh delivered the message through a pre-recorded video shown by his solicitor in the Japanese Respondents' Club, and he said, “If you listen to me on this video, t I mean that I was unable to conduct the media conference I organized for 11 April. “Last week, Ghoson created a Twitter account and announced his intention to“ tell the truth about what's happening. ”However, however, he was arrested again and in a conservation area in Tokyo, at least April 14.

“This is a coincidence. This is not just about special events, this is, again, a guarantee, this is not about a dictator. This is about a plot. This is about the compassion. This is about backstabbing, ”said Fox, who left again misbehaving.

The most recent release relates to research as to whether Genius was redirected by company asset through an business partner in Oman for personal use, including yacht purchases, according to reports media (pay wall).

Ghosn, who emphasized the video, said that he still sees both Japan and Nissan as his opinion that senior officials in the car industry were encouraged by “fright” about “the next phase of the 20 year partnership”. with Renault in France, including a possible union. He said Nissan felt that there would be a 'particular risk in some people, or that it would be a threat to last Nissan independence – which had always been threatened for Last 19 years. ”

Renault owns 43% of Nissan, while Nissan has a non-voting party of 15% in the French company, effectively rendering Renault a further message on alliances, as he claims to that in Japan they have become heavier in recent years. Gosan was appointed chairman in Nissan in 1999 to release Nissan from nearby bankruptcy.

Subscribers Nissan voted yesterday (8 April) to remove from the board and to approve the appointment of Renault chairman Jean-Dominique Senard as a new one, marking the full finish of the working group and the Japanese maker.

“I'm here talking about a few senior officers who are obviously for their own interests and for their own confidence, creating much value. Names? You know them. We are talking about people who played a serious game … We hope the truth and truth will happen in the truth. ”

His solicitor, Junichiro Hironaka, said the names of the people named by Gosn in the video had been changed.

The 64-year-old man was appeared in December, and could be punished for up to 10 years in prison. Gran was awarded to more than a month ago at a billion billion $ ($ 9 million) after Hironaka has been named his new lawyer – the Razor name for his controversial style and fame for his debut. Fulfilling high profile cases – representing it, after two bail requests failed.

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