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"Civilization VI: Storm Gathering" is given

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"Civilization VI: Storm Gathering" is given

The Civil Computing game on Civilization VI has expanded considerably. "Civilization VI: Gathering Storm" is now available and can be played on Linux.

Scene Game from


Scene Game from "Civilization VI: Gathering Storm"

After the "Civilization V" that was published several years ago, the "Civilization: Beyond Earth" followed by it and also the latest "Civilization VI" journal with [æ 25732]the first extension[/a] For Linux, the new version is also available under the free operating system. But, indeed, the distribution was not there. For example, the manufacturer did not have plans to support Linux when they were "issuing" Civilization VI. The reason for this is to allow technical problems; The company will publish the game in general for the free operating system. But above Aspyr's active media that ensures that Linux will ensure that the latest solutions are solved.

Now distributed simultaneously for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, "Civilization VI: Gathering Storm" is expanding its & # 39; main game with new content. Environmental impacts make life difficult for residents online, and strategic resources play a vital role in the & # 39; Soil part, how the behaviors, for example, in power plants to generate electricity for the cities. Also new, the advanced side of diplomacy. Players can get diplomatic favors from alliances, affecting or affecting home states; participating in the games of the world, and being used to influence the rest of their leaders.

There is a new age in technology and alignment trees. In addition, "Civilization VI: Storm Collection," eight new civilizations and nine new directors on the scene. In addition, seven new innovations of the world and many new units, areas, buildings and renovation can be built. New situations will also create more challenges.

"Civilization VI: Gathering Storm" is now available and needs the main game. The retail sale price is 39.99 euros.

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