Convert Firefox 66 blocks auto-touch sounds

5 February, 2019 –
It can be very difficult for users to play audio and auto paths on websites. Mozilla prompts the latest version of Firefox to cure.

As Mozilla reports in a blog post, the latest version of Mozilla's browser will automatically kill video content and audio content. In Firefox 66, all audio-sounding content is blocked with basic choices. It only interacts with the object, such as clicking on the # 39; a play button, which adds the sound sound forward. Motion-free motion will continue without sound, such as Mozilla. Users can add exceptions for web pages where all the content needs to be played automatically, which will provide the browser for the future.

It is expected that the new Firefox version with the self-commissioner will be released on 19 March. A version 65 of the browser was released only a few days ago and can be downloaded from the "IT IT Magazine" freeware library. However, the Firefox 66 beta version can now be downloaded and verified on Mozilla today.

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