Coppto Broker Voyager who is buying ticket advocates and Wallet for $ 4 million

Voyager, a shoe platform that was launched and published this month, has agreed that Ethos will start for around £ 4 million.

Published on Thursday, the contract would provide a range of Voyager materials developed by Ethos based in Singapore, and, including the Universal Ethos Sheet and Ethos Bedrock's blockade platform, and "special blockchane and IP technology."

In addition, Voyager said he would pick up a selection of Ethos consonants, which was donated by the target company, known as the previous Bitquence, through an initial basis (ICO) offer in July 2017, and raising $ 1.6 million, according to the CoinDesk ICO Tracker Database.

Voyager will pay for a & # 39; built by its scheduled shares – earlier this month it was posted; The first outbreak is based in New York by going abroad with a closed company that was traded on TSX Venture Exchange in Canada.

The Voyager contract will cost 7 million common shares, its company, now named $ 0.80 in the Canadian dollar, has been operating to a total value of $ 5.6 million CAD, or around $ 4 million in USD.

Although the contract is due to close at the end of March, it will not be deleted. pay price ahead.

The terms of the contract are aimed at issuing 3.3 million shares to Ethos at the outset, 1 million will be held in a sgrow and released every month over two years (duration & # 39 ; Ethos continues to integrate its duties to the Voyager platform and upgrade the technology) and the remaining 2.6 million will be held in a squad for 24 months "against indemnification claims any future. "

As part of the contract, Shingo Lavine, founder and Ethos Head, will become Voyager's leading innovation officer and will be a board of the company, and Ethos owners will be entitled to name one director to be sent to the Voyager board at each general meeting, once and have spent at least 3.5 million shares.

Designated business model

Even before agreeing, Voyager and Ethos had been working together for a while.

The two starters of October participated last year to add a choice of self-care to Voyager users, as well as giving users the opportunity to change spirits, stores and trades through Voyager.

After construction, the two development teams will begin to co-operate on the same aims, Chief Executive of Voyager, Steve Ehrlich, told CoinDesk:

"Before we had our own priorities, we liked most of what we started together as strategic partners and we decided to bring together our resources. There is a bit of knowledge between The two development teams are different, and now they work closely together. "

Emotions, first introduced into the market through ICO in July 2017, are a valuable part of the Voyager business, Ehrlich said.

The signal was designed to pay for Ethos & Ethos services, for example, trading taxes and API calls. But in the future it could be used to pay cash prizes for trading on the platform, Ehrlich explained, saying that the signal does not get a Voyager trading list yet, although the co-team "is talking about it right now, but there are associated regulatory obstacles."

Other future usage issues for spiritual features, potential users may be committed as a consensus for border trading accounts and interest their signals , said Voyager.

Another advantage of the contract, according to Ehrlich, is that Voyager is now at the same time and can make full use of the platform for crypto companies that have been developed by Ethos, Ethos Bedrock, to make a system crypto-payment in the future.

"We're beginning to be a real focal point solution," said Ehrlich. Over the last few years, he said, Voyager aims to become a major player in crude trade, care, payment and security, and ethos building will help make it faster.

Voyager does not display the number of users that have been withdrawn so far since it was launched in mid-February, but as a result of a # 39; bringing together the customers of the two companies, "hundreds of thousands" of clients come true, Ehrlich said.

A company was established in July 2018 to allow cryptocurrencies to be sold over different unpaid exchange for commercial costs. The founding team included Oscar Salazar, co-founder of Uber and the early investor Philip Eytan, as well as Ehrlich, formerly as Head of the Lightspeed Financial sales supermarket and ran the professional arm for him * Trade broker stock online.

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