Day before Israel's election, IDF troops start voting in military bases – the Israeli elections

The soldier of Israel

An Israeli soldier will hold his vote.
(photo credit: IDF) t


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Israeli soldiers began voting for the 21st Knesset on Saturday afternoon, about 72 hours before the polls for the rest of the country started.

B&39 soldiers from an engineering unit Yahalom our first vote in the IDF centers, with more votes opening at centers around the country later.

IDF soldiers will be able to vote across the country at 640 total voting stations for 72 hours. Soldiers in seven orders and branches will have: Divisional commands, Home Command, territorial forces, navy and air force.

IDF soldiers try to introduce towns in the Israeli national elections, 8 April, 2019 (Reuters) t

The orders have been in 55 further areas where officers have been recruited to monitor voting methods in regional centers and units.

A further 130 mobile vote gates were established for soldiers serving in remote and other remote locations.

The rest of Israel will be able to cast their votes from 8 hours to 8am. On Tuesday, 10,720 polling stations across the country.

Around 190 polling stations will be opened in hospitals and a further 58 in prisons across the country.

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