Film Mary Magdalene & # 39; was revived in U. for Easter – World News

Film Mary Magdalene & # 39; was revived in U. for Easter

Mary Magdalene's film poster.
(photo: FILMS OF STEP)


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Be later

Mary MagdaleneA Hollywood film about the woman who became a disciple of Jesus was ready to finally hit film theaters in the USA next year, a year after it had been distributed to t international.

The film will be released in the United States on 12 April, a week before Easter Sunday, and more than a year after its first global perspective. The American release was maintained because, at that time, their distribution rights were held by Weinstein. The film company chased after the bombings against Harvey Weinstein, and the film was hanged until built by IFC Films, who are now handling the distribution.

Joaquin Phoenix plays Jesus in the film, and Mara Rooney represents Mary Magdalene. The slates of support however include an outfit of recognized Israeli clothes. Fauda and Raz are almost unrecognizable, full of hair and beard, full of appearance, like her fellow Fauda Tsahi Halevy. Hadas Yaron (Fill the Void, Shtisel) features in the film, as well as Shira Haas (Shtisel, Bean na Zookeeper, The Story of Love and Darkness), Uri Gavriel (The Baker and Beauty, Fauda), Zohar Strauss (Srugim, Shtisel) and Irit Sheleg (Void Filling, Wedding Plan).

Although the film features a wide range of Israeli actors and is set in the Holy Land, it was filmed entirely in Italy.

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