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FlyJet finishing directly as scheduled planes to the UK & # 39;

The British Flybmi regional ferry company looks at "falling fall instantly" according to reports.

The company has a & # 39; remembers its fleet from a plane to Britain as a preparation for a growing decline in activities.

A trip between Bristol and Munich was now suspended and some passengers complained that they had traveled through security before they were told that the trip would not go ahead.

The Flybmi team that was planned to work on a "night stop" weekend was brought back to the UK and is now hidden, reports and suggestions.

A UK based company has headed at Mid Midlands East Airport and has a number of locations throughout Britain and continental continent.

Flybmi owner, Airline Investments Limited, launches wind plans if there is no more secure funding, based on the Aviation Analyst website.

A company operates a number of registered passengers to 24 destinations, and including Brussels, Leeds, Munich and Bristol; using its fleet of 17 Embraer jets.

The company's fleet has a & # 39; comprising 17 Embraer jets

He also works in partnership with several other airports, including Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines.

The airline is part of a broader airline company called Airline Investments Limited (SEC) Group.

It is particularly fond of business travelers as a result of its flying flight times and the ability of high school routes to its service is often neglected by large companies.

The headquarters of its company are on Midlands East Airport

According to reports, Brexit and higher oil prices have consumed profits in the last few months as it came to a massive competition from other cost behaviors.

A spokesman for a company has been contacted to comment.

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